GTA Online Launches The Diamond Casino & Resort With Exclusive Rewards For Patrons

GTA Online Launches The Diamond Casino & Resort With Exclusive Rewards For Patrons
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

There’s exciting news for GTA fans as the game developers just recently launched the GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort. The new addition to the GTA franchise has some astonishing rewards including a free Penthouse Suite AND Silver Status VIP Membership offered by the Rockstar dev team.

Players who were able to link their Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Social Club were able to receive their price last Friday, July 19. But the good news is, the deadline has been extended, so players still get the change to lounge around in their own Master Penthouse including the Silver Membership.

The concept of the game works similar to other GTA games with its open-world environment. Silver Status Members get the upper hand of the game by giving them the extra amenity without spending a single cent. Helping the casino owner by the name of Tao Cheng unlocks the Gold Status.

GTA players having the Silver Status membership can help the casino owner ward off unwelcome advances from the wealthy and corrupt Texans visiting the location. Completing the co-op missions within the game level unlocks the Gold status. This next-level membership includes excellent prices such as new supercar livery for the Truffade Thrax and its matching t-shirts.

Successfully performing the five favors asked by Casino Head of Operations Agatha Baker. Bumps a player’s membership to Platinum Status with prices that include the Kronos Ara watch and the Lucky 7s tattoo. Each favor also allows a player to earn casino chips and GTA$.

The game’s highest membership status, the Diamond is only reserved for players who empty the tank by completing all co-op missions. The reward given for completing all casino-related co-op missions will be a livery for their Annis S80RR. Additionally, the player who can achieve every casino-related mission will be able to acquire a brand-new vehicle. Every player has the option to either do both tasks or get both so they can be counted amongst the elite players.

Game developer, Rockstar, also emphasizes that players can work together for hosting and participating in completing missions. They can also work on mission strands to unlock all other co-ops. The GTA Online’s reward program is time-bound, and players have the opportunity to complete all missions starting July 23 to August 7.

All rewards will be handed out starting August 8 to 13.