Greedfall Is Set To Come Out In September For PC And Will Feature A Colonial Storyline

Greedfall Is Set To Come Out In September For PC And Will Feature A Colonial Storyline
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

E3 is almost upon us. Like every year, we’re treated to so many incredible gaming announcements. It also seems like a lot of companies try putting their games out before this convention as a way of getting push before other games do.

That’s what the people at Spiders are doing. They just put out their upcoming RPG called Greedfall. It’s set to come out in September, and to build the hype, they recently released a story trailer.

The trailer starts out with narration from a woman. Apparently, there’s a plague that’s spread in the world — causing death and destruction. Even when all hope seems lost, the narrator is optimistic about her son finding a cure on a magical island.

The visuals of the island look whimsical and mysterious. We see various creatures inhabiting it. Whether they’re friend or foe remains to be seen, but there probably will be situations when you have to fend them off as you complete your quest.

The game has a colonial theme, where settlers embark on ships to find natural resources in hopes of curing disease. They’re dressed as such with elegant attire. It almost looks like these characters are from the early 1700s.

Like most colonial games, you’ll come across natives. They seem peaceful and in unison with nature. It’s like the story of Avatar, where the natives are being threatened by invaders and forced into new ways of life.

This sets the stage for Greedfall’s dilemma. Although you’re in search of a cure to save your people, you’re forced into conflicts with the natives. What boundaries will you cross for the salvation of your people, even when it may cause the natives harm?

That’s the question you must find an answer to in Greedfall. As mentioned earlier, it’s an RPG that should be filled with ample content. You’ll probably have plenty of ways to customize your character and plenty of figures to interact with.

So far, this story looks to be pretty unique, but familiar to those who’ve seen movies like Pocahontas and the aforementioned Avatar.

There seems to be a lot of mysterious and magical creatures on the island, which the natives interact with on a daily basis. Will you learn their ways or force them into making life-changing decisions for the greater good of your civilization? You can find out this September on PC. It seems like an epic journey awaits.