Google Stadia Is Getting Ghost Recon Breakpoint As A Launch Title; Will Release This Year

Google Stadia Is Getting Ghost Recon Breakpoint As A Launch Title; Will Release This Year
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Google Stadia has been in the news a lot ever since it was first announced. It’s promising the future of gaming in a streaming service. On the surface, streaming seems like where gaming is naturally heading.

Consoles are only getting more and more expensive, and at some point, they will be too expensive for most gamers to afford. Streaming aims to fix this premium cost problem by offering an affordable service. The only thing required is a mobile device or computer and a strong internet connection.

All of these ideas sound amazing, but what games are heading Google Stadia’s way? Fortunately, we can pencil in one game heading to the platform. That title is none other than Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint from Ubisoft Paris. This makes a lot of sense given that Ubisoft partnered up with Google to test the Stadia from the very beginning.

Earlier today, Google confirmed Ghost Recon Breakpoint as being one of their launch titles along with The Division 2. This is quite a big title that the Stadia is offering at launch. It should get fans excited about the future of this streaming platform.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an upcoming online tactical shooter, which is drawing a lot of comparisons to their most recent title — Wildlands. It should expand on its open-world design, featuring detailed environments to explore.

The game will officially release worldwide on October 4 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Moving back to the open-world design, Auroa is the name of the island you’ll be inhabiting.

It has many different landscapes, from desert areas to snowy mountains. The developers at Ubisoft seem to have really poured their time into giving players a dynamic environment to explore and use as their battlegrounds.

If you’re hoping to see the Stadia succeed, this launch title is great to see. Google is looking to offer great games like this on a consistent basis. It will be intriguing to see what other titles they have plans of showcasing on the system.

If they’re able to go after AAA titles and even gain exclusive rights to some, you can expect Google Stadia to see quite a bit of success for years to come.

Google has a lot of resources at their disposal, so if there’s any company that can get game streaming off the ground and running, it’s them. The next couple of months should prove pivotal and exciting for the company.