Google Has Plans Of Offering A Bunch Of Exclusive Games In 2020 For The Stadia

Google Has Plans Of Offering A Bunch Of Exclusive Games In 2020 For The Stadia
Credit: Stadia via YouTube

When Google Stadia was first revealed, the gaming community was buzzing with excitement. The prospect of playing amazing AAA games without the need to purchase an expensive console got many people anxious on what the future held for gaming. The Stadia has now been out for several months, and so far, people seem to be mixed.

A huge reason for this has been because of the lack of promised features at launch. Stadia has acknowledged this shortcoming and have done their best to remedy the lack of features that a lot of members have waited anxiously for. Another problem with Stadia is there haven’t been a lot of exclusive games.

That’s a huge part of this entire streaming service. Subscribers that opt into the program want access to games they can’t get anywhere else. Without these exclusives, the Stadia won’t be able to thrive. This is particularly true in 2020 as we approach new consoles from both Microsoft and Sony.

The Stadia needs exclusives right now. And it appears Google is cognizant of this fact. According to a recent press release, Google has plans of targeting multiple exclusive games this year that gamers won’t be able to get anywhere else.

The list includes 10 games. There are no reports as far as what these games will be, but it’s definitely a good sign for members and Google. They need people transitioning to this system right away. Otherwise, their business model won’t be sustainable for very much longer. These 10 exclusive games should bring with them a new wave of gamers looking to try out game streaming, possibly for the first time.

It will be interesting to see what sort of games they can put out. Hopefully, they keep the library varied ranging from RPGs to first-person shooters. That would really get gamers excited about the potential of Google Stadia.

As it stands now, the platform only has Gylt as an exclusive. It’s not that bad of a game, to be honest. It certainly has a lot of atmospheric experiences in it. The developer Tequila Works did a good job at creating a creepy world that you’ll have the pleasure of exploring.

If Google is able to nab more games like this from talented developers, there’s no reason why the Stadia can’t do well in the next couple of years. If you’ve held out on the Stadia, the upcoming exclusive lineup may be music to your ears.