Good Smile Company’s League of Legends Nendoroid Lux Now Ready For Preorder

Good Smile Company’s League of Legends Nendoroid Lux Now Ready For Preorder
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

In mid-August, Good Smile Company announced plans to release two figures based on Lux from League of Legends. The company was planning a detailed Elementalist Lux statue along with a small posable Nendoroid of Lux in her standard form.

Now the company has released the finished product photos of Nendoroid Lux, along with opening preorders. The figure will come with several additional accessories, unlike other Nendoroids. Fans of Lux can create several different scenes and poses with the optional parts.

Lux comes with three faceplates. Buyers will have to carefully remove her plastic bangs, remove the plate, and then replace it with another. From there, buyers can use the standard expression, a serious combat expression, and the “Nice Try!” expression that shows Lux with a big smile.

Lux’s wand will also be included, along with a hand posed in a “grip” pose. Players can pose Lux in various ways with the wand to recreate poses from the game.

The wand can truly show off Lux’s might with attachable effect parts. The set comes with two “bubbles” that come with a stand to recreate Lux’s attacks. An optional stand will hold the wand to make it appear as if it’s levitating.

Additional items include two right arm parts, three right-hand parts, two left-arm parts, three left-hand parts, two right leg parts, and one left leg part. The left leg is a standard part, which is why there will be only one.

Although the painted piece has been revealed, Good Smile warns that the final product may look slightly different from the finished product.

As with all Nendoroids, the figure will come with a clear plastic base and an additional stand that sticks into the back of the figure. Nendoroids usually have heavy heads and aren’t capable of standing on their own. The base is necessary to accomplish various poses, including standing in place.

Those who preorder from the Good Smile Company Online Shop will receive an additional bonus. They will receive an acrylic stand of Lux that looks like the initially released Nendoroid mockup. The bonus item will ship together with the Nendoroid.

Nendoroid Lux is now available for preorder until November 12. The figure is expected to ship in May 2021.