One Of Best Lux Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten

One Of Best Lux Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten
Credit: Image via Riot Games

As with any champion, Lux will build different items depending on her position and situation within a game. Since it’s the most played, this build will be focusing on support Lux and will include core items that will give players the best chance at finding success.



Guardian: A rune that’s tailor-made for support champions, Guardian offers a small shield to Lux and her nearby allies. If you or an ally take more than a small amount of damage, a shield will activate for 1.5 seconds. While this applies to allies within 350 units of Lux, it also works for allies that she has targeted spells on.

Shield Bash: A rune that will directly complement Guardian, Shield Bash offers a higher damage output from Lux when she’s shielded. After Lux gains a shield, her next basic attack will deal bonus damage. T

Bone Plating: Seeing as Lux has low base health, items and runes that offer durability are going to be extremely powerful. Bone Plating is one of them, seeing the champion take less damage from attacks after the initial damage is dealt.

Revitalize: As a support, Lux is going to want to use her shields to protect allies as well as herself. Revitalize strengthens the effects of the shield, especially when cast on champions under 40-percent health.


Nimbus Cloak: Being in the bottom lane and having multiple enemy champions to face off against will often see Lux in a position where she’s open to ganks. Should this happen, Lux will likely need to make a quick escape. Nimbus Cloak offers this by allowing her to walk through minions and also grants her a movement speed increase to escape after using one of her summoner spells.

Transcendence: As an ability-based champion, Lux will benefit greatly from cooldown reduction, which is what’s provided by this rune. Once the champion has reached level 10, she’ll be rewarded 10-percent cooldown reduction, giving her a slight increase in the frequency of her ability casting.

Bonuses: Adaptive Force +9, Adaptive Force +9, +6 Armor

Starting items

Spellthief’s Edge

As a supporting champion, Lux requires this item to gain gold and keep herself at the same level as other champions in the game. While nearby allies, Lux’s damage against champions or structures will grant her gold, allowing her to supplement what she would have got from farming minions.

Health Potion

As with most bottom lane champions, Health Potion is the perfect way to round out your starting gold. This is due to the item granting Lux another method to heal off any damage she may receive in the lane. Since bot is a duo lane, Lux is likely going to take poke damage from one of the enemy champions.

Core items

Shard of True Ice

An upgrade from the Spellthief’s Edge, Shard of True Ice offers all the benefits of its components while granting even greater stat increases. This item will see the gold per second increase to three as well as the ability power granted an increase from eight to 50. The other stats also increased with health raising to 100 from eight and mana regen from 50 percent to a full 100 percent.

Athene’s Unholy Grail

This item is beneficial for Lux in her support role since it strengthens the abilities of her shielding and offers some further mana regeneration. The item boasts stat increases of 30 ability power, 30 magic resistance, 10 percent cooldown reduction, and 100 percent mana regeneration.