GoNoodle Games Is A New Safe App Option For Kids Available Now On The App Store

GoNoodle Games Is A New Safe App Option For Kids Available Now On The App Store
Credit: GoNoodle Games via Twitter

GoNoodle Games develops educational games and videos for kids and teens that also keeps them active. Their games have reached over 12 million kids across the world. The developer has recently announced they have created an app on iOS filled with various engaging games to keep young minds active.

An Android version of the app is currently in development with no set release date.

“With the launch of GoNoodle Games, we are providing safe, active screen time built around characters that are loved by millions of kids and trusted by millions of teachers,” said Ann Howard, VP of Product, GoNoodle. “GoNoodle Games will give kids new opportunities to move, and busy families new ways to entertain their children that they can feel good about. By using technology that is already in over 80 percent of U.S. households, we can truly bring movement-based entertainment to all kids, everywhere.”

The app is aimed at making video games a more interactive experience. Some kids like to watch videos or play games, which can both be sedentary activities. GoNoodle Games hopes to change this with their new series of interactive games which relies on kids moving to win various min-games.

Games on the app include:

  • Flo Yo’s Bubble Pop – Kids save their hands and move their bodies to help Flo Yo free fish and avoid sharks.
  • Om Petalhead’s Flower Power – Jumping and sweeping motions helps Om clear their garden. After cleaning, kids perform yoga while avoiding bees in the area.
  • Zapp Von Doubler’s Space Race – Kids take control of Zapp to fly through space and collect stars while avoiding space junk.
  • Squatchy Berger’s Rock and Roll – This music-themed game has kids following Squatchy Berger’s movements to light up various rocks to play unique music.

The games don’t require any additional equipment. The app focuses on real-time movement to get them moving in a classroom or for extra learning at home.

With many countries and states currently postponing school and other public events, the app is a safe and educational option for those looking to keep young minds aged 4-10 engaged. For older kids, GoNoodle has several videos and other educational material available on their website, plus iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

GoNoodle Games is free and available now on the iOS App Store. The Android version is in development.