Golf With Your Friends Is Bringing Its Casual Golfing Experience To PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Golf With Your Friends Is Bringing Its Casual Golfing Experience To PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch Later This Year
Credit: Team17 via Youtube

Team17 and Blacklight Interactive announced on Tuesday, February 25 that their successful PC title Golf With Your Friends would be making an appearance on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this year. As summer starts to roll closer, it will become time for some group golfing fun from the comfort of your home. Golf With Your Friends has all the perks of golfing without actually going out and doing it.

This game is packed with content after years of being successful on Steam. It can support up to a 12-player golfing lobby bringing the best of social golfing to a console near you. Tons of themed levels await you and your friends as you line up your shot, swing, and hope for that hole-in-one.

Golf With Your Friends is currently live on Steam Early Access and has been building up for a full release for quite a while. It is surprising to see the game appear on PlayStation 4 and Switch while still remaining in its Early Access state, but fans are happy nonetheless for another change to swing at that ball.

Nothing is better than some friendly competition among friends. With a 12-play capacity, the game lets you have a bunch of friends around as you dominate them with your amazing putting skills. This online multiplayer function is a big part of the game’s Early Access success and is the main driving point for its launch into the console community.

The game comes with a bunch of interesting golfing environments. You can always choose the standard golf green or switch it up with more than ten unique themed locations. From forests to haunted houses and even space, there are tons of locations to travel to for you to master that perfect swing at.

If you are tired of standard golfing rules, you can always load up a custom game mode and add in extra power-ups. Use honey, freeze rays, or turn your friends ball into a square as there is no limit to what thee randomized options can do.

Aside from simple power-ups, custom game modes can also allow golf to be more than just golf. This round of golf might become golf with a basketball hoop, or maybe hockey golf, as the game comes packed with additional modes alongside the classic style expected from a golf game like this.

For more information, check out Team17’s website for Golf With Your Friends or read up on the Early Access Steam Page. There is no official date as to when this game will be coming to console, but when it does, it is sure to be an instant hole-in-one.