God of War Director Cary Barlog Teases Sci-Fi Project For The Future In Cryptic Tweets

God of War Director Cary Barlog Teases Sci-Fi Project For The Future In Cryptic Tweets
Credit: SMS via YouTube

Cory Barlog, the famed director of PlayStation’s smash 2018 hit God of War, seems to be teasing a future project on his official Twitter account, and it looks to be out of this world!

In a series of cryptic Twitter updates, Barlog has been teasing some kind of sci-fi project, hinting that he’s going to be exploring the far regions of space in an upcoming title.

The above tweet was one of several interesting updates that left the acclaimed director’s fans scratching their heads in confusion.

Barlog’s profile image has been changed to a photo of the Voyager 1 space satellite with his cover image now showing a collection of stars and galaxies.

On top of that, his official Twitter bio was changed to a series of dots. It currently reads, “….. ….. …. … .. .”

If you translate it via Morse Code, it comes out to “55HSIE.”

That looks like a whole lot of gibberish, but there is likely a deeper meaning behind this that only time will be able to tell. Some surmise that the SIE at the end of the code stands for Sony Interactive Entertainment, but that is far from confirmed.

Adding to fan confusion is the timing of this project. Most assumed that Barlog’s next game would be a direct sequel to the most recent God of War, which leaves plenty of room for a follow-up chapter.

It is believed that this rumored God of War sequel would be a next-generation title, appearing exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

While it’s possible that Barlog is already hard at work on this God of War sequel, it’s interesting that he would already be teasing a future project. Perhaps that means the next God of War is further along in development than any of us realize and he is already looking on to the next venture.

It is also possible that this could be some kind of project unrelated to gaming, or perhaps a smaller game that Barlog is working on before jumping into the development of another realm jumping God of War adventure.

Barlog is one of the more well-known game directors in the industry, thanks to his history with the iconic God of War franchise. He worked on the original God of War and its sequel, God of War 2. He returned to the franchise to reinvent it for 2018’s God of War, which could also be called God of War 4.

The development of that game was detailed in a documentary released for free on YouTube called Raising Kratos. Barlog is a central figure in the documentary and gained a lot of notoriety from it.