Fun Plus Phoenix Have Won The League Of Legends World Championship 2019 Over G2 Esports

Fun Plus Phoenix Have Won The League Of Legends World Championship 2019 Over G2 Esports
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Fun Plus Phoenix Have Won The League Of Legends World Championship 2019 Over G2 Esports

The League of Legends 2019 competitive season has come to an end.

After a convincing 3-0 win over G2 Esports, Fun Plus Phoenix, the LPL representatives secure the 2nd championship win in a row for the LPL.

Breakdown of games:

Game 1. First pick Nautilus by Fun Plus Phoenix, an extremely reliable pick which secured them three wins in the previous series against former World Champions, Invictus Gaming. G2 Esports responded with a Ryze/Varus pick up, two champions which Fun Plus Phoenix were undefeated with during this Worlds. FPX rounded out their comp with standard picks for their players, while G2 picked a surprise Pyke mid, which hasn’t been seen in a while.

The early game was in favor of Fun Plus Phoenix; the invades and roams from Tian and Doinb proved to be deadly for Wunder, who kept getting punished every time he came to the lane. Jankos tried to respond but was too late; he was being read like an open book. With the pressure up on top lane, the duo of Doinb and Tian started securing priority mid lane and roaming to bot lane to kill drakes as well. While G2 Esports tried to stall and look for an advantage, Fun Plus Phoenix kept securing drakes and barons one after the other. Once Sivir reached full build, she became an unstoppable force, and G2 Esports could not shut her down, succumbing to the power of the Phoenix and losing the first game.

Game 2. First pick Gragas by G2 after it was banned in the previous match by FPX. FPX responded with Ryze and Kai’sa, two notorious picks for their star carries. G2 picked the infamous Yasuo for the Yasuo/Gragas bot lane and Akali top lane. FPX went for Lee Sin in the jungle again, and other comfort picks for their top laner and support.

The early game felt like a copy of game one, with FPX’s jungler, Tian, pushing his advantage and forcing Jankos to back away from his jungle camps. Tian secured priority in the jungle and with the help of Doinb, started helping side lanes as well. While G2 Esports tried to hold onto their positions and push other lanes while FPX was focusing all resources into another, they were unsuccessful. With Ryze and Kai’sa, the hyper carry monsters getting fed early, there was no hope for G2 Esports, and they managed to lose quite fast at the 26th-minute mark.

Game 3. FPX first picked Xayah, which was banned in both previous matches. G2 Esports responded with Ryze and Nautilus, securing the star picks away from Fun Plus Phoenix. Fun Plus Phoenix picked Gankplank & Lee Sin, which were previously played by them to great success, while G2 rounded their comp with Ezreal, Veigar, and Jarvan.

Tian started in his top side jungle, instantly going for an invade afterward, denying Jankos his jungle camps early on while his laners secured priority in the mid and top lanes. With constant vision around Jankos, the laners of Fun Plus Phoenix started playing very aggressive on all lanes, pushing every small advantage they had. This situation led to the claim of all early drakes and Herald, snowballing the game out of the control of G2 Esports. While the kills were almost even, the game was not even at all with Fun Plus Phoenix being ahead in the farm, drakes, barons, towers, inhibitors, at no point in the game did they feel any pressure. With all the advantages in the world on their team, they started pushing to victory through G2 Esports, who tried to fight till their last breath, but it was not enough. Fun Plus Phoenix killed the Nexus and secured their first League of Legends World Championship under their belt!

The MVP of the series was Tian, who completely shut down Jankos in the early games of all three matches and secured priority and vision for his laners. Every move, every play attempted by G2 Esports was shut down by the star jungler player of Fun Plus Phoenix. Tian was everywhere, and no one had expected him to be the one deciding the game. While all bets were on Doinb to carry the game and his team, no one had realized that his teammates are of world-class as well and are capable of carrying as well.

This match concludes the 2019 competitive season for League of Legends, with League of Legends Season 2020 coming in Spring, stay tuned for more information regarding gameplay changes, and rosters swaps in the following weeks.