Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s New Immersive Mode Is Being Put On Hold; More Details Will Be Given In March

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s New Immersive Mode Is Being Put On Hold; More Details Will Be Given In March
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was supposed to make a huge impact on the tactical shooter space. It has a pretty interesting setting in Auroa, an isolated island that’s being controlled by an elite group referred to as Wolves. Ubisoft Paris even went the extra mile in getting Jon Bernthal to play the game’s main antagonist for the Wolves. Unfortunately, not even the inclusion of this high-profile celebrity has been enough to keep fans satisfied.

There have been a lot of bugs since launch, but more importantly, Breakpoint doesn’t do enough to set it apart from other Ubisoft titles. That has definitely hindered sales, but Ubisoft is not looking to throw in the towel.

They are — in fact — planning to roll out more frequent updates in 2020 with the hopes of righting their wrongs. A huge part of their strategy is introducing a new immersive mode. It’s pretty much a collection of recommendations and ideas from the community. These include more gunsmith customizations, camera improvements, better enemy AI, and new enemy types. It stands to reason that the update will make Breakpoint a much more serviceable tactical shooter experience, ideally with fewer bugs and more content to enjoy.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft is realizing how massive of an undertaking this new mode is. They won’t be able to deliver it on the projected time period that was originally promised. Instead, the immersive mode will be available something this spring. If you’re one of the many users hoping to test out this new mode, that’s probably not what you want to hear.

Ubisoft has explained that they’re delaying this major update in order to refine mechanics. They want it to be perfect when it goes live, even if that means pushing it back a couple of months. The community has certainly vented their frustrations, but there could be a positive in all of this. Instead of rushing to put something out, Ubisoft Paris is taking their time with this major rehaul.

They want to keep the vision that the community has had for this game alive, and will burn the midnight oil to come through in a major way. Whether they can satisfy these lofty promises remains to be seen, but it does seem like they are invested in giving fans what they deserved at launch.

Who knows what Breakpoint will look like in a couple of months time? Let’s just hope the immersive mode fixes a lot of the major issues that players have dealt with and gives us something truly special. Either way, Ubisoft will reveal more details in March. Hopefully, the mode comes out sooner rather than later.