Ghost Parade Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch This Fall, Time For Some Good Old Fashion Haunting In The Scary Woods

Ghost Parade Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch This Fall, Time For Some Good Old Fashion Haunting In The Scary Woods
Credit: Aksys Games

Lentera Nusantara Studios is an Indonesian devlopment team creating the game Ghost Parade for Aksys Games. This game is a side-scrolling Metroidvania platformer that has a unique art style and almost a delicate feel to the world. It comes with a challenge gameplay experience and will be launching on October 31.

This game has a comic based on it, and just the art style alone is enough for most fans to buy it. It is spooky yet elegant and makes for a perfect game to embrace the Halloween spirit with.

You play as Suri, a young girl who is lost in the woods while trying to get home from school using a shortcut. She encounters ghosts in the woods who join her on her quests. They find her brave and kind and almost perfect to befriend by the ghost citizens of the woods. Quickly she learns that this is not always so, greedy humans are threatening to destroy the entire forest and its ghostly inhabitants with it. She must act fast or lose her newfound friends forever.

The game has already opened for pre-orders. Ghost Parade is available from Aksys Online Store for 20% off its price. The first 1,000 pre-orders will receive the 22-song, 56-minute soundtrack, that features a stunning score from various Indonesian bands and musicians.

Suri has skills of her own that will help her in this quest. She can swing a lantern as a melee attack and even throw rocks from afar to protect herself from the many dangers of the forest. Not every threat is taken care of using violence so she must be careful to harness her agility and skill.

If she is not careful, she might find herself, victim, to fall damage or poison spikes. The entire game is littered with traps and puzzles to overcome in true platformer fashion. Thankfully, Ghost Parade is scattered with save points lighting Suri’s path, so there is not much backtracking if you do die.

There are 7- ghosts in the game, 30 of which will join Suri as a companion. Ghosts that travel with her grand her specialized abilities that aid her in battles. You can list an entire team of three ghosts at a time and unlock special bonuses if they synergize together. These ghosts are all based on Indonesian legends and folktales, giving them unique personalities and a cute outer appearance.

This game will be available on October 31 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for a cute yet spooky way to spend your Halloween, then this may be the game for your library.