Ghost Of Tsushima Patch Available Now, Fixes Resolve Issues In Legends Multiplayer

Ghost Of Tsushima Patch Available Now, Fixes Resolve Issues In Legends Multiplayer
Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

Sucker Punch Productions just released a patch for Ghost of Tsushima which addresses issues with resolve gains and perks in the Legends multiplayer mode. The developers shared the patch notes on Twitter, and you can check them out below.

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Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends multiplayer was released last month, and it’s a free expansion. In it, there are two main modes: Survival and Co-Op quests, both of which can, and should be played with a full squad, as they’re impossible to tackle on your own.

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In addition to the two main modes, Sucker Punch also recently added a raid, which needs to be played with a pre-assembled team of four, as players won’t be able to use matchmaking for the Tale of Iyo.

There are four classes to choose from in Ghost of Tsushima Legends, all of which have their own unique skillsets and abilities. You can check out the classes and their descriptions below.

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  • Samurai – for players who want to run straight toward combat while sustaining their health and chopping down all surrounding enemies in quick fashion. If someone using this class feels overwhelmed, they can use an ability called Hachiman’s Fury, which is an ultimate attack that’ll slash through enemies with a flurry of strikes.
  • Hunter – for players who want to snipe at long or mid-range with their bow and arrow. With this class, players will be able to use explosive arrows to slow down groups, and when things get fierce, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack will unleash multiple arrows straight at your enemies’ heads.
  • Ronin – for players who are interested in helping their teammates by being a healer, as this class has a Breath of Izanami ultimate ability, which will revive an entire downed team. Also, this class will be able to summon a spirit dog for further assistance.
  • Assassin – for players who want to do massive damage with just one attack. With this class, players will have an ultimate ability called The Shadow Strike that will teleport you across the battlefield and directly strike your enemies.

While the Ghost of Tsushima Legends expansion is free to download, you do need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to use its matchmaking. If you’re not a PS Plus user, then you can try to tackle it on your own, but you won’t be successful.

In addition to adding the Legends multiplayer, Sucker Punch also added a new game plus mode for the game’s single-player campaign, which features new charms, a new horse, a new merchant, and new cosmetic items.