Gears Tactics Is Releasing Straight To Xbox Game Pass For The PC

Gears Tactics Is Releasing Straight To Xbox Game Pass For The PC
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Xbox Game Pass is a pretty incredible platform for the PC. For a low monthly fee, members have access to some great titles. There are a lot of hidden gems and even brand-new titles. If you have this platform, you’ll be happy to know that Gears Tactics is releasing straight to Xbox Game Pass on April 28.

Microsoft confirmed this Xbox Game Pass addition just recently. You thus won’t have to pay anything if you already have a membership. If you’ve followed the Gears franchise since the beginning, this is great news. You’ll be able to experience a new twist on an iconic series.

Instead of enjoying a third-person shooter experience, you’ll have turn-based strategy to master. It’s a different pace than what has been featured in previous installments, but the new fold definitely looks promising. Rather than charging forward and shooting at everything that gets in your path, you’ll have to think carefully about who you attack and when. The slightest mistake can be the demise in your resistance.

Like a lot of other turn-based tactical games, you’ll be able to recruit soldiers and upgrade their skills as you progress. So while you may be a little out-gunned in the beginning, a couple of successful wins and you’ll be right back in the action. After every battle, you’ll be able to acquire new items through looting. That should make every enemy encounter just as exciting as the next, as you’re constantly wondering what items you’ll be able to put in your inventory.

Another promising aspect of Gears Tactics is its story-driven narrative. The game is set 12 years before the Gears of War on a planet called Sera. It’s now being invaded by the Locust Horde and a new mastermind is in control of everything. You’ll take on the role of Gabe Diaz, a defiant soldier who likes to shoot first and ask questions later.

The recruiting and character customizations look very promising early on. You should have plenty of resources to play around with while you figure out what approach you want to take with every battle. It’s a huge addition to Xbox Game Pass for the PC. Members won’t have to go out of their way financially to experience its tactical and addicting nature. April 28 is just a couple of weeks away. You can bet Xbox Game Pass members are excited for what’s in store for the Gears this time around.