Gamers Become Upset After Discovering An Always-On ‘Anti-Cheat System’ Required To Download Valorant

Gamers Become Upset After Discovering An Always-On ‘Anti-Cheat System’ Required To Download Valorant
Credit: GameNews via YouTube

The new massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game is known only as Valorant is actually a really wild game to play. This is one of those games being designed to rival its competitors known only as Half-Life, Team Fortress, Call of Duty, and etc. etc. These games are all a bit wild, and they have a lot of things in common if you find shooting things something a game can have in common with other games, which seems to be a pretty big trope or motif or whatever between all of these games that are sitting out there just flapping in the wind.

But anyway, this new game, known only as Valorant, which is created by the folks who work over at Riot Games, comes with a special surprise for anyone who downloads and plays the game. This special surprise is a bit tricky, and it lodges itself in your computer like a sneaky little squatter who takes up residence in the attic of your house. This is a so-called, “anti-cheater” system, and it is always-on. As soon as you boot up your computer, this little guy turns right on and starts doing its thing. Keep on reading below if you happen to want to find out more about this unique and wild topic about Valorant.

So what is this all about? Well, this anti-cheating system is designed to stop cheating from going too far too soon. But it comes at a very bad price, and it is a price most players are not going to want to pay.

First off, this little baddie is always on. That means it just sits in the background sucking up bandwidth or computing power or whatever. It just does it, okay? And it sucks. That means you have this gunk just running in the background while you try to do your thing. That’s dumb.

So what are we going to do? Well, that’s the second problem, it seems like this could be some kind of creepy spyware, and we are all well-aware of spyware that just keeps on stealing from our lives time after time. It is a bit like the Amazon Echo or Siri in that regard. Creepy.

So naturally, players around the world are tired and fed up. They are threatening to rise up, take back the means of video production, and correct all of this insanity as soon as they can. Will they make it? Who knows. But we do know this kind of a bit crazy. Good luck to all those Valorant players.