YouTube Streamer Beats Crazy Call Of Duty Match Using Nothing More Than A Steering Wheel Controller

YouTube Streamer Beats Crazy Call Of Duty Match Using Nothing More Than A Steering Wheel Controller
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As it turns out, there is a powerhouse of a game known as Call of Duty, and this game totally slaps. The series has been going on for quite some time now, and they have released dozens of games over the last twenty or so years. These games are fun first-person shooters, etc. etc. None of this should be surprising to anyone who knows anything they ought to know about games and all the rest, but here’s the thing: People are still going all out on these games, and playing them on Twitch, YouTube, and any other streaming app to get as much cash out of their fans as they possibly can.

Most of these views are going to be based on extreme and powerful challenges, the kind of challenge that would make anyone blanch in fear. These are the things most normie gamers try their best to avoid for fear of immense ego death. If you know what I am talking about here, then you might be lucky enough to count yourself as one of the few and powerful collective of gamers known as megafans, and you might have heard this story before. Anyway, keep on reading below to find out more.

Well, as it turns out, this one streamer on YouTube, who is only mysteriously known as Noel Miller decided to take on the gulag map using nothing more than one of those steering wheel controllers most commonly used to play racing games. That’s right, folks, he played it with a steering wheel.

And you will not believe what happened next: He actually won the match. The most bizarre thing, perhaps, was the fact that he happened to be wearing a camouflage jacket that he most likely purchased from a military surplus store somewhere near where he lived (which, again, remains an utter and complete mysterious but not because I didn’t do any research on it or anything).

So what happened next? Well, everyone cheered, and he won the power of bragging rights, which is the ultimate power any gamer can ever hope to win during gameplay.

If you love to watch people play games and just totally kick butt and win and own and everything like that, then head on over to the YouTube and subscribe to Noel Miller’s channel because this guy is likely going to keep on keeping on for decades to come, just like Call of Duty has done for all of us.