Gameplay Footage Of The Outer Worlds Was Recently Shown At PAX East, And It Looks Amazing

Gameplay Footage Of The Outer Worlds Was Recently Shown At PAX East, And It Looks Amazing
Credit: steamXO

RPGs are some of the most popular games today. They build a cult-like following at times, which certainly was the case for various titles like Borderlands, The Elder Scrolls, and Fallout. Each of these games immerses players in unique worlds, rewarding them for grinding and collecting rare weapons/items.

One of the most anticipated RPGs currently is The Outer Worlds. It’s being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and many feel it could be everything that Fallout 76 was hyped up to be. So far, we’ve only seen brief trailers of the game. They all looked amazing, but fans have been wanting actual gameplay footage.

Well, the wait is finally over. Actual gameplay footage was shown at PAX East, 20 minutes to be exact. That’s quite a bit of footage to sink our teeth into. The video starts off with the protagonist in the city of the elite, known as Byzantium. The visuals are already absolutely breathtaking. We see towering buildings. The way the lighting hits them at certain angles is gorgeous.

Despite how beautiful Byzantium looks from far away, you notice wear and tear up close. The developers seem to have put ample time and energy into every detail. After touring the city for several minutes, it is revealed that your character will have two trusty companions. Finally, a solo RPG that you don’t have to grind through alone.

Going back to the city, everywhere you walk has a unique aesthetic to it. The city is dripping with personality, which certainly is a promising sign of what’s to come. We eventually get to see the protagonist go on a small quest. It involves auditioning for a propaganda movie, where you get to test out some acting skills.

A seemingly dull task, but the action picks up with your decision-making. You can carry on acting out scenes or kill the other actors in the room. That’s right, Obsidian is claiming that everyone in this game can be killed. That’s quite a bold move.

Moving to the combat, it looks just as good as the Fallout games. The weapons are particularly unique and have beautiful visuals. There’s even a science-based weapon called the shrink ray, which as you might have guessed, shrinks or swells an opponent’s head.

All in all, this was a great reveal from the team at Obsidian Entertainment. It seems like they’re listening to feedback about previous RPGs, and attempting to make The Outer Worlds something truly special.