Gameplay Footage For Upcoming Blair Witch Game Released; First-Person POV Adds To Creepiness Factor

Gameplay Footage For Upcoming Blair Witch Game Released; First-Person POV Adds To Creepiness Factor
Credit: Game Informer via YouTube

The extended gameplay of the upcoming Blair Witch game shows how the title tries to replicate the movie’s creepiness factor.

The gameplay footage was uploaded by Game Informer, and it finally shows the loyal canine companion of the hero. His name is Bullet, a search and rescue dog that will accompany you on this quest.

It also revealed that the dog is more than an accessory. You actually interact with the dog in your mission to find the missing boy who is lost in the Black Hills Forest.

There are several commands for the dog, and your decisions will be instrumental in how you finish the game. You can even pat Bullet for being a good boy.

Because of his keen sense of smell and size, Bullet can weave and out of the trees and shrubs. There are areas in Black Hills Forest that are inaccessible to you. Fortunately, the dog can go there to check out those areas.

He’s also helpful in sensing the monsters in the forest as he can smell them even before you see them. To top it all, he can also help you solve the puzzle in-game so you can move to another level.

However, Bullet can also scare you unwittingly if he just springs out of the darkness without warning. The witch can’t be seen in the Blair Witch gameplay, but that’s understandable. The witch is definitely the ultimate boss so she won’t pop out until the very end.

Instead, the witch will be sending her stooges in the form of filmy creatures that can blend well in the forest. This is where Bullet will come in handy because he can bark at the creatures to alert you of the impending danger. You can use your torch to burn these forest creatures.

Aside from the flashlight, you will also carry around a camcorder and a two-way radio. Use the radio to communicate with the other members of the search party. But don’t be complacent as the witch can also use the two-way radio to lead you astray.

The Blair Witch game is based on the 1999 movie, the Blair Witch Project. The movie debuted at Sundance Filmfest on Jan. 25 of that year. It also spawned the found-footage technique that has been used by other small movies like Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. With a budget of just $60,000, the movie went on to gross more than $250 million.