Fortnite Receives An Update, And At Long Last, Epic Games Included Patch Notes!

Fortnite Receives An Update, And At Long Last, Epic Games Included Patch Notes!
Credit: Fortnite via YouTube

The day has finally come, Epic Games has released patch notes!

Since the start of Chapter 2, in October, Fortnite has received a few updates, but no patch notes to accompany it, which has led to fans and media websites scouring the game, figuring out what has changed, and writing unofficial versions.

It looks like Epic Game has heard the community outcry for patch notes, and they have gone back to it. However, it is interesting to mention that the update is called Battle Royale Update, not Patch Notes. That could mean nothing or something, time will tell!

What’s important is the updates and fixes that the Fortnite team has implemented.

Here is a link to the Battle Royale Update via Fortnite’s Twitter:

The update is also known as v11.20, and here are some of the updates for the Battle Royale experience:

• Daily Challenges are back in the game, and if a gamer completes them, they will be granted experience points. Players can do up to three at a time, and once a day can swap out a challenge for another.
• The Locker has added a Season filter, meaning the player can search their inventory by typing in the season of item. For example, the gamer can type in season 5 to find an item associated with that season.
• The gamer can now modify the user interface’s contrast.
• Fortnite Mobile has now received a tutorial mode.
• The PC version of Fortnite now has the support of Microsoft DirectX 12.
• The Fortnite team has altered the headshot multiplier for the Tactical Shotgun, so it resembles the headshot multiplier of the Pump Shotgun.
• Increased the Effective Health (sun of Health + Shield) given from Slurp Tanks.

Here are the bugs that Epic Games tackled:

• The Bandage Bazooka has been brought back as syncing issues have been resolved.
• Fixed an issue of hitching on mobile devices.
• When players opened their inventory, the equipped item slot would be the selection slot, so Fortnite has fixed that.
• PS4 and Xbox One players have noticed that some buildings appeared low-quality when they are landing on the map. That issue has been fixed.
• The intended color of the Devastator Outfit now appears.
• The pistol size with the John Wick Outfit has been reduced to a more proportional size.
• The Magma Wrap will not appear the way it was supposed to on all weapons moving forward, except for the Bandage Bazooka and Pistol, which will be fixed later.

Well, hopefully, Epic Games will keep releasing patch notes!