Fortnite Gets Flak From A British Royal Family; Is It Already The Game’s End?

Fortnite Gets Flak From A British Royal Family; Is It Already The Game’s End?
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Fornite may have been continuously getting more and more fans. However, a member of the British Royal Family does not support its growing popularity.

Since 2017, the game has been among the most popular survival games. Both the Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Battle Royale have been successful. However, it is really the latter that has cornered higher sales and made a stronger following.

The game’s main objective is to survive. Players need to do everything to make sure that they remain alive to continue playing.

Speaking at the YMCA event held on Thursday in West London, Prince Harry shared his thoughts about the game. He claimed that it had been created to cause addiction. In addition, he noted that social media is even worse than drugs and alcohol. Accordingly, it is more addictive.

According to BBC, Fortnite already has 200 million registered players. This means that it has already become a phenomenon in the gaming industry worldwide. As such, it has truly reached a wide audience.

Amid this scenario, the Prince of Sussex explained his disagreement about its existence. That it encourages people to stay in front of a computer for long hours. He further narrated that having Fortnite at home could put children at risk.

The husband of Meghan Markle questioned if such a form of entertainment has any benefits to a household.

This is not the first time that certain leaders have expressed a strong disagreement towards gaming. China was among those that have already raised their concern about this. In fact, one of its biggest tech firms, Tencent, has adopted stricter rules. It has been closely checking the age of people playing their games.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said last year that excessive gaming can be considered a mental illness.

In the meantime, Dr. Jo Twist of Ukie and Bafta Games negated the unending claims associating gaming with mental disease. According to her, the research conducted by Prof Andrew Przybylski showed that games may only affect 0.3 percent of gamers.

In another Fortnite news, Forbes revealed two theories on the newly released Fiery teaser.

First, it is believed that a dragon is on its way. For quite a while now, talks about the dragon’s arrival have been around. Therefore, it is one possibility.

Second, it could be the Prisoner skin’s fifth stage. It is surmised that the prisoner may have taken the volcano off the ground.

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