First Third-Party DLC For Arma 3 Available On April 29; Is It Worth Your Money?

First Third-Party DLC For Arma 3 Available On April 29; Is It Worth Your Money?
Credit: Arma 3

The new DLC for Arma 3 will be available on April 29. It’s from a third-party, and it’s not going to be for free. The only question now is that is it worth it?

The new Arma 3 DLC is dubbed the Global Mobilization-Cold War Germany. There would be 10 missions for the single-player mode, and 17 missions for multiplayer. Thirteen of the missions would be cooperative scenarios while four are PvP.

One interesting mode is the “Fashion Police,” where your alliances and loyalties will depend on the clothes you wear. Your teammate now may be your enemy later.

There would also be 40 vehicles that accurately depict the weapons of war used in the Cold War. Along with the vehicles, there would also be 21 weapons that can be downloaded in the DLC, as well as new characters.

It’s the largest DLC so far in Arma 3, with more than 400 square kilometers of new terrain. You can fight in the heat of summer or the dead cold of winter.

In the new update, the POV will shift between two different persons. One is a private working in the West German army. Another is a newly minted leader of a platoon in the tank division.

Although the focus on the armies in West and East Germany, Denmark will play a significant role in the game.

The Global Mobilization-Cold War Germany was created using the Creator DLC of Bohemia Interactive. This is a third-party content, developed by Vertexmacht. Arma 3’s use of third-party DLC is something to watch considering the failures of both Skyrim and Starcraft 2.

With all the content, it seems like you have a new game on your hands. The large terrain and the number of players and armaments involved point to this DLC as worthwhile of your investment.

With the Creator DLC, companies can create their own content, but they need to pitch it to Bohemia first. That means they can’t use the technology and market the content to the consumers directly.

Bohemia Interactive stated that they’ve signed agreements with other third-party developers to create content for Arma 3. The Global Mobilization is just the start. The company is closely watching this DLC to find some gaps in the process so they can be corrected in the future.

The company also created its own team designated to make sure the third-party DLC will work smoothly for Arma 3.