Dark Future: Blood Red States Release Date Revealed; Play This Mad Max-Style Game Starting On May 16

Dark Future: Blood Red States Release Date Revealed; Play This Mad Max-Style Game Starting On May 16
Credit: Dark Future

The dystopian Mad-Max style car racing game, Dark Future: Blood Red States, will be available on Steam on May 16.

In Dark Future: Blood Red States, the setting is set in the near future in the year 2023 in America.

However, there’s no more government in this alternate timeline. Climate change has wreaked havoc on the world, society has broken down, and gangs are ruling the streets. America is on the brink of collapse.

As the player, you are a mercenary with a strong set of principles as you go around The Big Empty. You only take on contracts that actually allow you to implement the laws that still exist. In your missions, you will encounter patrolling gangs that roam the streets to prey on the weak.

You can shore up your vehicle with weapons and other upgrades as you battle these vehicle-riding gangs. Think Mad Max in an urban setting.

You can install cannons on your vehicle, along with lasers and explosives that can be launched at the enemy.

The Command Mode, meanwhile, will allow you to control your vehicle from afar in a strategy format. You can remote control your vehicle, which you can equip with weapons and other upgrades.

The Blood Red States is developed by Auroch Digital and is a reboot of the original Dark Future in 1998. The original game was developed by Games Workshop. Just like the latest version, the original was also set in the United States with society on the brink.

The original game was based on the toy cars for Matchbox and Hot Wheels, which were very big at that time. It would be interesting the type of vehicles featured in the Dark Future: Blood Red States.

There’s virtually no order and the streets spill with blood from warring gangs and civilians becoming collateral damage.

The whole world is being controlled by Megacorps, which deployed its own army–the Sanctioned Ops. Instead of guarding the streets, however, this private army is notorious for abuses and killings to push the agenda of Megacorps.

Officially, however, they have the directive to go after the renegades who continue to flout the law. But in a world ruled by chaos, this is not always followed.

The Dark Future: Blood Red States is made with Unreal Engine 4. The reboot of the original game was first announced back in May 2015. Although, the game was four years delayed, at least there’s now release date.