Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2’s Annual Halloween Event, Brings With It Spooky Rewards And Events

Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2’s Annual Halloween Event, Brings With It Spooky Rewards And Events
Credit: KackisHD via Youtube

Destiny 2 is bringing back their Halloween themed event, and it will be packed with lots of scary goodies and activities. The event, coined the Festival of the Lost, is a time for players to celebrate the lives of their fallen allies and enemies as well as earn some unique rewards.

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, came out with a post on their website, laying out what to expect this Halloween season. Festival of the Lost starts on October 29 and runs three weeks, until November 19.

The event runs on all platforms and is available to all players, even if they do not own all of the expansions. This includes New Light players, who need to be 770 Power level to enjoy the event.

What should players expect?

Eva Levante, the herald of the Festival of the Lost, will return to the Tower. Go up to see Eva, and you will be rewarded with the Masquerader Helmet. The helmet can be upgraded with spooky-themed mark ornaments. They are all armor ornaments, so players can wear them without a substantial Power loss, which was an issue during previous years. To purchase them, you need to earn event coins.

Once you receive the helmet from Eva, you will be able to earn Chocolate Strange coins and pieces of candy. Players earn the event currency by defeating enemies, completing Festival of the Lost bounties, and finishing Festival of the Lost activities.

Event participants will be able to use the coins to purchase mask ornaments for the Masquerader Helmet as well as other event themed items. Candy can be spent on Mystery Grab Bags and the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle.

Players will return to the Haunted Forest, which has been transformed from the Infinite Forest, to defeat all the terrifying enemies that await. Participants have fifteen minutes to get as far as they can in the forest and are warned by Bungie to “beware of what awaits you in the end.” With such an ominous statement, players may choose to go trick-or-treating instead.

Many items can be purchased in the Eververse store, including customization items for the Guardian’s costume, skeleton armor ornaments, and Jack-O’-Lantern marks. Guardians can be decked out in glowing skeleton armor as well as purchase a skeletal pterodactyl ship.
During the event, there will be specific Festival of the Lost Triumphs for gamers to complete. There will be unique mods for participants to use for the tight time limit during the Haunted Forest event.

The Festival of the Lost has all the fixings to be a terrifying and lucrative time for Destiny 2 fans.