Farming Pro 3 Multiplayer Game Now Available On IOS And Android

Farming Pro 3 Multiplayer Game Now Available On IOS And Android
Credit: Farming Pro 2 via App Store

Farming doesn’t have to be a lonely task anymore. Developer and publisher Mageeks Apps & Games has announced the global release of their mobile game Farming Pro 3.

Farming Pro 3 is not only an all-ages game but offers multiplayer for those who need a little extra help maintaining their farms.

“Build your farm empire to become the greatest farmer of all time!” states the App Store description, “Discover huge open world, drive farming vehicles and equipment, harvest crops, chop wood, grow animals and trade goods in most innovative farming simulation available for mobile!”

The game includes over 60 different cultivating machines, including tractors, harvesters, and woodcutters that are customizable with different skins. Players can chop wood up-close and personal with a chainsaw as well.

Players can grow various plants such as corn, wheat, potatoes, or beetroot, including growing and breeding animals like cows, pigs, and horses. The realistic and dynamic weather conditions will change how well, or badly, crops grow.

After gathering all of the goods, players can sell them on a dynamically changing marketplace.

There are daily missions to complete, which wins players experience points and other perks to help their farming life, including assistants.

If hiring assistance to help on the farm isn’t enough, there is a multiplayer mode where players can collaborate with friends or other farmers across the globe. Players can work together for massive profits and make the farming experience more efficient. For those who prefer to compete, there is a global leaderboard to impress others with their farming skills.

To newcomers, all of the farming features may appear overwhelming at first. Fortunately, the game comes with a thorough tutorial to get players started in the farming business.

Farming Pro 3 would appeal to players who want a relaxing and fun game experience they can play either solo or online with others. The game allows players to enjoy a calm, relaxing day on the farm, tending to their crops and animals.

The title is $5.99, with some additional in-app purchases.

Mageeks Apps & Games have released several games on mobile, including Truck Simulator Pro 2 and Europe. Their games are enjoyed by over 11 million players worldwide.

Farming Pro 3 is now available on iOS and Android.