Fallout 76 Players Have Enjoyed Nuking Settlements Since The Introduction Of The Wastelanders Update

Fallout 76 Players Have Enjoyed Nuking Settlements Since The Introduction Of The Wastelanders Update
Credit: Rattler via YouTube

One of the more likable aspects of Fallout 76 since launching back in 2018 has been the ability to drop nukes. There are channels dedicated to these chaotic events, whether it’s for the pure enjoyment of destruction or to take out high-level enemies.

Now that the Wastelanders update is live in this action RPG, there are new opportunities for those that want to drop the big one for entertainment. More specifically, players have enjoyed nuking settlements. Now, these area are teaming with NPCs. Naturally, players would want to see how they react when facing total oblivion.

The destruction is fun, but it’s the NPCs’ reaction to the nuke dropping that is really getting the Fallout community buzzing. Normally, with a huge event like this taking place, settlers would run for cover. The aftermath alone would put them in some precarious safety scenarios.

However, ever since this Wastelanders update has been out, nuke-dropping players have found that the NPCs don’t react much. Rather than running away and cowering, they simply put on their hazmat suits and embrace their new life. It’s a particularly eerie reaction that you just have to experience for yourself at some point.

To highlight the NPCs’ commonplace reaction to these devastating events, players have captured videos of their reactions. After dropping a warhead on the new settlement — The Foundation — players quickly navigate to the surrounding area to see how the settlers react.

It’s as if they didn’t even feel the warhead’s explosion. Ever settler goes about their normal activities in hazmat suits as if nothing has happened. It’s definitely an odd reaction and just goes to show how much commitment the settlers have in regards to staying around The Foundation.

These nuking events have really gotten the community excited about the Wastelanders update as a whole. They’re just another reason why it was such a good idea for Bethesda to see the error in their ways and give Fallout 76 more meaningful content and personality. Now wherever you go, there is an abundance of interesting scenarios to get yourself in. The NPCs give you all the more reason to go exploring and complete missions again.

It seems like most of the Fallout community is in agreement that this latest update is the best and most important one to date. It makes Fallout 76 a much better game overall. Bethesda has done right by their loyal fans. The update couldn’t have come at a better time.