Fallout 76 Accepting Applications For Wastelanders Private Test Server On PC

Fallout 76 Accepting Applications For Wastelanders Private Test Server On PC
Credit: Fallout 76 Official Website

Bethesda has announced they’re ready to test the highly anticipated Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76. The expansion was initially announced last year but was delayed to fix additional issues.

Before players jump on the opportunity to join the private test server, there are some upfront requirements.

Players also have a minimal amount of time to sign-up. Interested gamers have to sign up by 6 PM ET on Tuesday, January 14. The invitation is only for PC players at this time, which is terrible news for those playing on consoles. There’s no word on if console players will get to test the Wasterlanders update before it goes live worldwide.

After the sign-up date, only a small handful of players will be accepted to join via email.

Before jumping into the new server, players have to sign and agree to the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is important, as Bethesda stresses, “You will not be allowed to share, stream, record, or discuss any information for this experience.”

NDAs are standard for those privately testing video game content before it goes live. Players have to keep what they see a secret or else spoil the surprise for everyone else. What players experience in the test server may not appear in the final game.

It’s unknown if accepted participants will receive any other incentives for joining, such as exclusive content.

The most important part of the private test is to make sure everything works correctly. Fallout 76 had a rough launch, and Bethesda has been working hard to ensure future updates are enjoyable for players.

Players are expected to report back with any bugs or issues they experience during gameplay. This feedback is all Bethesda is asking for access to the Wastelanders update before anyone else.

The private test server is available until Bethesda takes it down. There’s no official date on when this will be, but stated: “at a later date.”

The feedback gathered from the private test server will be inspected by Bethesda: “We will evaluate what adjustments and fixes we can implement for the Wastelanders update based on your feedback and bug reports, and what will need to wait for a follow-up patch.”

The Fallout 76 Wastelander Private Server for selected PC players goes live on January 17.