Experience A Unique Narrative Based Card Game Titled Signs of the Sojourner When It Releases May 14, 2020

Experience A Unique Narrative Based Card Game Titled Signs of the Sojourner When It Releases May 14, 2020
Credit: Echodog Games via Youtube

Explore a game world reminiscent of the real world as you navigate through a beautiful narrative card game in Signs of the Sojourner. The game is designed to teach players how to navigate and grow their cards and change who they become in this world.

This is a card game about compassion, connection, and more. Your deck is your character, and it reflects the experiences you have had throughout the world. As you travel and talk to different characters, your deck will expand, giving you more options and decisions in dialogue situations.

The game puts you in charge of your mother’s store after her death. To restock goods for the shop, you must travel to diverse locations. Through your journey, you can encounter optimistic stories, compassionate characters, and delightful surprises with every exchange. This is a bright light in a world where travel is difficult, and climate change has made life hard for your local community.

As you travel through the world, you will find rare and useful goods for your town. This title is full of difficult choices that will shape your character’s deck and change every conversation throughout the game. There are many possible endings to this title; it is up to the player to find each one.

Grow alongside the characters you encounter. It is up to you to hold onto your friends or travel the road and leave them behind. Discover who you can become and learn what it means to finally return home after a long journey.

The game is full of optimism, compassion, delight, and hardship as you take on adversity and challenge on your journey. Your ending will be decided with every card played, choice made, friendship saved, and more. Enjoy a title full of empathy, logic, and emotion as you go on an amazing journey.

The game is full of beautiful, hand-drawn environments. The game presents a ravaged world that is desperately holding on to its color and vibrant life as long as possible. As you make decisions, you will enjoy a calm and tranquil soundtrack that stimulates the mind and gives serene feeling tot he entire game experience.

Signs of the Sojourner is set to release on Steam as of May 14, 2020. Enjoy the beautiful life-changing adventure filled with a spiritual message about playing the hand you are dealt. There is tons of information available on Echodog Games’ official website along with an active Discord community. You can follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.