Expansive Worlds Adds New TruRED Beta Feature To Adjust Scoring In theHunter: Call Of The Wild

Expansive Worlds Adds New TruRED Beta Feature To Adjust Scoring In theHunter: Call Of The Wild
Credit: Expansive Worlds via YouTube

Expansive Worlds is constantly adding new content to their hunting simulator, theHunter: Call of the Wild. Their latest set of changes comes with two new beta features to help add functionality that the game has been sorely missing.

The first of these changes is that ATV controls can be remapped. This isn’t just a fantastic change from the point of view of customizability, but also one that helps those that might be differently-abled to be able to change their bindings in a way that might work better for them.

Of course, it also allows players to simply have their controls mapped to whatever they feel is most comfortable. With the ATV controls now completely customizable, there’ll be a new level of optional comfort for those that might choose to set their own preferences rather than accept what the developers set by default.

Their second change comes in the new TruRED feature that has just been added to the open beta servers. What’s more, the developers are calling for beta testers to come and check out the new features so that they can smoothen out any issues!

In terms of what the testing entails, it couldn’t be much easier (as far as the mechanics of the game are concerned, at least). All beta testers will need to do is hunt Red Deer so that the system can be guaranteed to work properly. Expansive Horizons haven’t been explicit on what precisely the new feature does, but it certainly seems connected to Red Deer in some way!

Additionally, the developers believe that they’ve made a good number of fixes on the TruRACS system as well. This system is one of the primary ways in which a kill is scored, so issues with it can be pretty bothersome!

With the new TruRED and mappable ATV controls in place, there’s plenty of bug fixes coming along the way as well – twenty-two of them, in fact! Here are a few of the biggest fixes Expansive Worlds has applied:

  • Fixed various crashes and localization issues
  • Fixed legacy save files overwriting current save files
  • Remedied issues causing a black screen on startup
  • Adjusted shooting range so that it will no longer consume ammo

These four are arguably the biggest, but the others are just as great of changes to see. Adjustments hit equipment, weaponry, animals, multiplayer issues, and more, so there’s plenty of improvement being added with this patch.

It’s fantastic to see Expansive Worlds still putting so much effort into this massive title. With this week’s fixes and improvements, we likely won’t have to wait long before they’re back at it with new wonderful content.