Mafia’s Official Twitter Breaks Two Years Of Silence, Sending Fans Into A Frenzy

Mafia’s Official Twitter Breaks Two Years Of Silence, Sending Fans Into A Frenzy
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get the gaming community whipped up into a frenzy. As it turns out, it may only take a single word.

The official Mafia Twitter has been silent since 2018, as the franchise has as well. With no games released since the third in the franchise back in 2016, it seemed like the silence of the social media accounts a sign that the franchise would remain silent as well.

Yet all of that seems to have been broken! Today, the Mafia Twitter account sent out a single tweet, containing a single word: Family. As it turns out, this was all it took to send the gaming community sprawling for more.

It’s delightfully cryptic, and really tells us absolutely nothing in the least. If it was a bit earlier in the year, it might even mesh in as an April Fools joke! Either way, fans have been scrambling to find out if it was a teaser for a new game or just a one-off goof.

The replies are about as “gaming community” as it gets. With this rare opportunity to see the social media accounts actually active, people began to spam the replies with repeated calls for a remaster of Mafia 1.

Other than that, fans are assuming that this is some sort of teaser for either a remaster or a Mafia 4. The titles typically have a good amount of time between them, with the first, second, and third titles coming out in 2002, 2010, and 2016 respectively.

That means that the four years since Mafia 3 are a relatively short amount of time to go without seeing a game from the franchise! Additionally, the titles are developed and published by 2K Games, as well as a few other companies.

2K has certainly had their hands full over the last four years. With Bioshock, Borderlands, and plenty of other games on their table, it’s a chance that the publishers might have had their attention turned to other pastures.

Still, if nothing else, the frantic response to the tweet shows that there’s still very much an audience for the Mafia titles. Given that remasters have been an incredibly prevalent part of gaming over the last few years, we could definitely be seeing a remaster of one of the titles in the franchise!

Perhaps we’ll find out more as the days go on. With any luck, this breaking of silence will continue, and the Mafia social media accounts will be grinding their gears back into action. If such a thing does happen, then we can reliably suspect that something is coming up on the horizon from the franchise.