Evercade Merged Brand New Handheld Console With Multiple Classic Retro Games

Evercade Merged Brand New Handheld Console With Multiple Classic Retro Games
Credit: Evercade via YouTube

The gaming technology may be advancing rapidly, but occasionally changing pace towards playing a simple classic game might not be that bad at all. Some may even find it to be more entertaining. Hence, it’s not surprising that retro games still have a place in the hearts of many gamers.

For this reason, the game developers created Evercade, a handheld console that features several classic games and can be played anywhere, anytime. Here’s a short video trailer of the upcoming game.

The game has an estimated size of a large smartphone that features a 4.3-inch screen and responsive controls. Players have the option of switching display sizes in two modes, namely a 4:3 screen ratio or a full screen. Furthermore, the consoles support game eras from both 8-bit and 16-bit.

The console utilizes small but sturdy cartridges that contain several classic games. Each cartridge contains around 6 to 20 distinct games. These cartridges will be slotted at the back of the console. The published combined a wide range of games from Atari to Mega Cat Studios.

During the launch of the console, around a total of 115 titles are available, including the popular Pac-Man game. These lists are expected to be extended in the near future continually.

The most exciting thing about this game though is that it shares one similar trait with the Nintendo Switch. This handheld device not only is portable to be played on the move but also has an HDMI port that allows players to play the games on the TV via HDMI cable. The games produce high-definition display resolution or HD visuals.

Moreover, the gaming device has a save option that allows players to resume the game that they have left off without having to restart every time.

As for the battery lifespan of the console, the manufacturer claimed that the device could last for up to four hours. Luckily, players do not have to worry about stopping half-way when the device reaches a low-battery status as they can continue playing even when the device is charging.

The device is also built with a 3.5mm jack for the headphone to give players a full immersion experience.

Best of all, players are saved from connection interruptions and hours of constant updates as the games can be played without the need for internet connection.

This handheld gaming device will be launched in March next year. However, pre-order options are already available for interested buyers. Players can choose to buy either a cheaper standard edition or a higher cost of premium edition that comes with three cartridges.