Epic Games Is Offering Alan Wake’s American Nightmare For Free In Celebration Of Halloween

Epic Games Is Offering Alan Wake’s American Nightmare For Free In Celebration Of Halloween
Credit: Remedy Entertainment Oyj via YouTube

If you’re up for celebrating the Halloween season playing games, you’ll be happy to know that Epic Games is treating its users right with some spooky free games. One of the better offerings tied into Halloween that’s currently available on the Epic Games Store is Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. It seems like the perfect title for celebrating all that’s scary.

When this game first released, it was received positively for its action elements and beautiful visuals. The game’s setting is somewhere in Arizona. The developers at Remedy Entertainment improved upon base elements that have made the Alan Wake series beloved by many ever since being introduced.

The antagonist in this game is particularly gripping. You see, he’s Alan’s evil doppelganger that was created by some dark force. Alan must track him down before his evil ways affect the world that he loves dearly. The game is pretty unique in that it’s told in episodic format, much like what’s done in The Twilight Zone series.

Alan has a wide variety of weapons he’ll be able to use to defeat the enemies in this game. These include a machine gun, crossbow, nail gun, shotguns, and much more. In order to use these weapons — though — Alan’s flashlight must be directed correctly on the target.

The further along you progress in this game, the more weapons you’ll have to unlock. They’re scattered throughout the map in cases, which you’ll be able to unlock by collecting enough manuscripts. There are a lot of classic horror tropes scattered throughout this game, which you’ll probably be able to pick up on right away. The developers also sprinkled in some dark comedy as a way to break up tense moments.

Overall, the story is fascinating and the gameplay is addicting. You’ll be hooked as Alan dives deeper into these Arizona settings to find out just exactly how Mr. Scratch was created. The game’s main motif seems to be light versus darkness. Alan is the champion of light, which gives him the ability to re-write reality as he knows it. He must use these special powers to keep the darkness at bay.

If you’re up for an epic, spooky adventure, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t even need prior history playing this series as this game really is a title on its own timeline. Just be sure to keep the light on when playing.