Empire of Sin Is Receiving A Physical Copy Thanks To Koch Media, Romero Games Lets Koch Handle All Of Distribution

Empire of Sin Is Receiving A Physical Copy Thanks To Koch Media, Romero Games Lets Koch Handle All Of Distribution
Credit: Paradox Interactive via Youtube

Paradox Interactive has partnered with Koch Media to extend its partnership and bring the Empire of Sin to retail markets in a physical form. Romer Games’ famous title will be distributed to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States for the first time every in disc form.

This game has had a long life in digital forms giving tons of opportunity for international fans to enjoy its story. The entire game is a strategy game that lets players form their own ruthless criminal empire and gain control of the city through organized crime. Players will get randomly scattered encounters that add a changed world in every playthrough.

So far Empire of Sin has been enjoyed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. The character0driven strategy game lets players select one of 14 distinct bosses, each with their own strategy and empire viewpoints. It is up to you to work with them to outsmart, out-gun, and outlast each of your opponents in a constant battle for the city.

Empire of Sin is set in the 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. Romero Games and Paradox Interactive come together to present a realistic and believable criminal world. As with the movie Chicago’s presentation of the world, the game presents a ruthless criminal world ready to be tamed by a strong arm and a steady gang.

You must build your criminal empire from the ground up by establishing rackets in neighborhoods. This could be speakeasies, breweries, brothels, protection rackets, or anything else as you slowly take the streets and recruit loyal mobsters to your cause.

Romero Games gives you a living breathing version of 1920s Chicago and its distinct neighborhoods. Players will gain access to a full cast of 60 living and breathing characters that will react to you and your cast in a realistic fashion.

Players must make and break alliances while bribing cops and trading on the black market. It is up to you to run your empire against all odds. You must dominate your neighborhood in your own way as you become King or Queen of Chicago. Rule your empire and enjoy the randomization that comes with unique crew dynamics and randomization world factors.

For more information, check out Romero Game’s main website for Empire of Sin. A physical version will be released soon on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. There is no date set to when these will release, so keep informed on Koch Media’s many social media outlets.