Elder Scrolls Online Teams Up With Streamers For #SlayDragonsSaveCats Charity Event

Elder Scrolls Online Teams Up With Streamers For #SlayDragonsSaveCats Charity Event
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

Elder Scrolls Online launched the #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity event in October. By slaying dragons across Tamriel, gamers can accomplish two things: get rid of the dragons rampaging through the area and help animals.

ESO has teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society and Four Paws for this event.

ESO has pledged to donate $1 for every five dragons that are killed during the event. The maximum donation amount is $200,000.

Dragons are located in Northern and Southern Elsweyr plus within the Scalebreaker DLC.

As the deadline approaches, ESO has announced a special event until December 8. Their official Twitch account is hosting a week-long live stream event to support both charities.

The events come with bonuses for those who watch. Players must have their ESO account linked to Twitch to claim their prize. When the $1,000 threshold is met, ESO is giving away Wolf pets to random donators. When it reaches $2,500 in donations, five random donators will receive Legendary Dragon Horse mounts. The $7,500 in donations gives a chance to win a physical prize: three Wrathstone tablets to three random donators.

If the donation goal meets $10,000, then one donator will receive a Gaming Heads Breton statue.

The ESO team is also joining in on the fun. For every $25 donation, one of the hosts will eat a Bean Boozled jellybean. For $50, a host will wear a temporary cat tattoo plus write the donator’s name on an Elsweyr lithograph. The image will be hung at the ESO studio. Every $75 donation will take on a variety of gameplay challenged, like playing blindfolded, inverting mouse settings, and more.

Any streamer can participate by signing up for either the Best Friends Animal Society or Four Paws campaign on the official ESO website. Any participating streamer that raises $100 will receive a free Legendary Dragon Wolf pet. Streamers who reach $500 in donations will be awarded a signed Elsweyr lithograph.

During the ESO live stream, anyone with their accounts linked can win a random crate. These crates hold different items and sometimes rare mounts and pets. Any streamer with “Drops” listed in their live stream tag is valid. When gamers win a drop, they’ll be emailed a unique code to redeem in the in-game Crown Store.

The ESO #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity event concludes on December 9.