Elder Scrolls: Online Implements New Life Event Ticket Gifting to Earn Free Crown Crates

Elder Scrolls: Online Implements New Life Event Ticket Gifting to Earn Free Crown Crates
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Elder Scrolls: Online is celebrating the New Year by ringing it in with the New Life Festival event. This in-game event provides players with a chance to get a handful of exotic and unique goodies that they can’t get anywhere else, from exclusive crafting recipes to cosmetic outfits. You can read our summary of the event here.

One of the new systems that ESO decided to put into the event this year is an event ticket gifting system. Event tickets are the currency used to acquire the various different goodies via the in-game Impresario event merchant. Through this new system, players can gift tickets to others in order to help spread the love for as many people as possible to get the exclusive goodies.

The system isn’t entirely charitable, though. By gifting five or more tickets to your lucky recipients, you’ll earn four Frost Atronach Crown Crates. These will be delivered after the event ends on January 2nd, though the exact date of delivery hasn’t been given yet. Bethesda does, however, strongly expect the delivery date to occur by the end of January 2020.

These five tickets don’t have to be given to a single friend and can be spread out to as many people as you would like. They do have to be gifted (buying yourself the tickets won’t count) but other than that, there’s no restrictions! There’s no word on whether or not this will stack, so it’s a strong assumption that the five tickets is as high as it goes (ten tickets won’t get you eight crates, and so on).

Frost Atronach Crates work the way most loot crate systems work nowadays. These crates contain a cool collection of collectible unique items, from exclusive mounts to pets, costumes, cosmetic goods, and other rewards.

Players can only have twelve tickets at a time, so make sure that you aren’t at your cap before accepting a gift from someone else. These tickets also likely won’t have a use after the event ends early on January 2nd, so don’t bother hoarding them. Redeeming them for the goodies before the event ends is the most use you’ll get off of them.

The New Life Festival is an excellent way to get your collection of unique cosmetics growing. Buying the berries and mounts to make sure that you have as many exclusive pieces as possible before the event ends is the best way you could ring in the coming of 2020!