Elder Scrolls Online Announces Sixth Anniversary Event For Players

Elder Scrolls Online Announces Sixth Anniversary Event For Players
Credit: AEG xPredator via YouTube

Bethesda has announced a new event for their popular MMORPG title, The Elder Scrolls Online. Based on the world of Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls franchise, the title brings the joys of multiplayer to mesh with the mechanics, features, and concepts of the Elder Scrolls series.

It’s grown pretty considerably in the time since its release, and that release is just what’s being celebrated this coming April. The Elder Scrolls Online is turning six years old!

The event, the Anniversary Jubilee, will begin on Thursday, April 2nd. at 10AM EDT. It’ll last twelve days, with the party going until Tuesday, April 14th at 10AM EDT.

There’s plenty to help you celebrate, too! You’ll start the celebration by selecting the free Jubilee Cake Voucher from the Crown Store to find Chef Donolon. Complete the Chef’s quest to receive the new Jubilee Cake memento, which can be used to summon the extravagant dessert. Eating a slice during the celebration will double your XP gain for two hours to help kickstart your progress.

You’ll be enjoying a few presents as well. Completing daily quests will give you special Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes which will include some of the following and more:

  • Daily crafting writs
  • Daily Delve and World Boss quests
  • Daily Alliance War and Battlegrounds quests
  • Daily Dungeon and Trial quests
  • Daily Heist and Sacrament quests
  • Crafting Materials and Furniture Recipes
  • Motif Pages for numerous crafting styles
  • Outfit Style pages for one of the “Five Companions”
  • Worm Cult Motif pages and Transmutation Crystals
  • Outfit Style pages for the Jephrine Paladin weapon and armor style

Obviously, there’s quite a bit for you to receive in celebration, but there’s still more! You’ll also receive three event tickets per day from eating your cake, giving you the needed currency to visit the Impresario in Glenumbra, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard. She’ll have the following items for you:

  • All four Indrik Feathers
  • Jephrine Paladin Outfit Style pages
  • Replica Jubilee Cake furnishings, including versions of all five anniversary cakes. Note that these are only available if you earned their mementos during previous anniversaries.
  • Icebreath Berries of Bloom and Budding
  • Group repair kits

Really, you’ll be getting most of your rewards just from eating cake! That 100% experience boost is useful for everyone whether you want the cosmetics from the Jubilee Boxes or not, so always make sure that you’re getting your calories for the day. If you are interested in the cosmetics though, make sure you’re doing as much as possible to grab the uniquely themed items on offer during the Anniversary Jubilee.