EA’s Mobile Sports Titles Hit The $1 Billion Mark, And It Could Get Higher This Year

EA’s Mobile Sports Titles Hit The $1 Billion Mark, And It Could Get Higher This Year
Credit: EA.com

Even if Electronic Arts has received a major backlash when they’ve included pay-to-win microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the latest reports show that the American video game company profited for more than a billion and it came from microtransactions.

EA has included microtransactions on the recent games that it has published and developed. Game analysts have reported that the big number was from Electronic Arts’ sports titles in its free-to-play mobile mode. PC and console titles haven’t been part of the total.

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence show stats that 49% of the company’s profit came from purchases of Madden NFL through the app. Gamers have spent $490 million, and the figure is astounding. The most recent Madden title from EA has grossed more than $100 million globally, and that figure is from 2018 alone.

FIFA games from EA have amassed an amazing $360 million, and it’s just a 36% of the total sum. EA’s NBA Live Mobile Basketball has earned $140 million, which contributes 14% of the game publisher’s profit. EA Sports UFC has just earned more than 1% of the total.

For nations who spend a lot in gaming, United States is accounted for more than the half of the 62% or $620 million that has earned by EA. A huge part of that money has been spent on NBA Live and Madden titles.

Japanese gamers have contributed more than $57 million. British players have spent almost $54 million. The sports mobile games that profit the most in 2018 is Pro Baseball Spirits A, and even if EA does not publish it, the title has earned more than $150 and that amount is just from Japanese gamers.

It’s interesting that Sensor Tower stated that the $1 billion that’s been earned by EA is from their mobile sports titles only and it doesn’t include the other mobile games from the publisher such as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

One of the most downloadable gaming genres in mobile and even in consoles is a sport. People love games because they’re competitive and they’re playing players whom they’re watching in cable, and they can watch those players live while they compete in conferences and finales.

As long as sports is one of the most enjoyable pleasures in life, mobile games about sports will always be some of the best titles that gamers will purchase and play. 2018 was a year for gaming, and critics are saying that 2019 will be better.