EA Teases A Return To Steam On Twitter With Vague Mug Video

EA Teases A Return To Steam On Twitter With Vague Mug Video
Credit: EA via Facebook

It seems to be the season for teasing content. EA is the most recent publisher teasing some upcoming news on Twitter.

On October 25th, EA tweeted a nine-second video clip of an EA-branded mug. The mug was steaming hot.

It was a vague tweet that could have meant nothing but an employee enjoying a crisp Fall day, but gamers began speculating the real meaning.

The timing of the tweet is interesting since it comes a few days after a Twitter user revealed a test application. The application appeared to allow players to enjoy Origin games through Steam.

This app allows gamers on different platforms to play games such as Apex Legends together, but both Steam and Origin will be required.

The app suggests that users can buy EA games through Steam, but will have to launch Origin to play. This function is similar to Ubisoft’s Uplay, where users can buy their games on Steam but are required to login to the platform before the fun can start.

EA released its digital launcher, Origin, in 2011. The platform is home to an extensive library of games not available on Steam, a rival platform. There are some games on Origin that have never been released on Steam. Several titles come back, but only after a period of exclusivity has ended.

When Origin launched, they kept many of their published games exclusive to the platform, which angered many Steam players. Many hoped that after some time, the games would go back to Steam, but that hasn’t been the case. Players now had to download two launchers to enjoy their full library.

Epic Game Store, another launcher featuring several games from different publishers, is now in the mix. This possible new app could rival Epic Games, as a way for gamers to return to Steam to enjoy Origin titles.

The possibilities are endless for EA’s possible return to Steam. Previously exclusive EA titles could make a return to the Steam store, making Steam sales something to get more excited about.

Since posting the vague tweet, EA hasn’t revealed any more information. All of the speculation circulating could just be speculation and nothing more.

Even if it is nothing more than a hot mug on a chilly October day, many players are hoping for the return of their favorite EA titles to add to their Steam libraries.