Dying Light Is 66% Off Thanks To Steam’s Halloween Sale That’s Now Officially Live

Dying Light Is 66% Off Thanks To Steam’s Halloween Sale That’s Now Officially Live
Credit: IGN via YouTube

It seems Steam is jumping in on the Halloween festivities this year by hosting a sale on some of their more scary games. There are a lot of great offerings, but one of the best currently involves Dying Light, the open-world first-person survival horror game by Techland. Right now, you can get it for a low $13.59. That’s roughly 66% off.

If you haven’t had the chance to play this game or add it to your collection, this game is a real standout for the genre. Survival games are a dime a dozen these days. Developers know the subject matter sales itself, which can lead to poor performing games. However, that’s not the case with Dying Light.

It genuinely is one of the best survival-horror games you can play today. It burst onto the gaming scene back in 2015. Its parkour system is a standout feature and certainly helped this game rise to the top amongst the pack. Moving about the open-environment in this game is a true treat.

You feel like you’ve been practicing parkour for years. You can jump over buildings, scale on top of tall structures, and duck under fences in rapid fashion. These mechanics are certainly needed when running away from a group of zombies. Despite not having a lot of resources at first, the parkour system lets you outrun pretty much anything you come across.

The super-mutant zombies are particularly fun to run away from. Instead of a slow, lumbering design, these super-mutants possess exceptional strength and speed. It would serve you well to stay clear of them if you can, but any encounter will get your heart racing.

The progression system in this game also is great. As you get deeper into the story, you’ll gain skills that can help you navigate the zombie-filled streets. At first, you feel like you’re not well equipped to face the zombie encounters, but the developers know exactly when to give you the necessary resources for survival.

Dying Light also is renowned for its visuals. The city has a broken down feel that just immerses you in the doom and gloom of the virus, which is spreading all across the world. Each time you go out on the streets, you’re excited about what you might see and find.

With the sequel coming out here pretty soon, playing the original seems pretty fitting. It’s also a great way to celebrate all that’s scary leading up to Halloween.