Cloud Imperium Games Is Offering Star Citizen For Free For A Week In Celebration Of The Alpha 3.7.0 Release

Cloud Imperium Games Is Offering Star Citizen For Free For A Week In Celebration Of The Alpha 3.7.0 Release
Credit: BoredGamer via YouTube

One of the more anticipated space games in recent memory has been Star Citizen. It has been through a lot of developmental turmoil. Just as it seemed like Cloud Imperium Games got some momentum, they would suffer roadblocks. Finally, though, it seems like they have the wheels in motion. The developer is getting ready for its 3.7.0 update, which is making a lot of changes to an already great space title.

To celebrate this update, they’ve decided to let players try out Star Citizen for a week. This is the perfect time to see what this game has to offer. The free-play trial period is letting players enjoy five different ships. That’s a good variety to check out firsthand.

Each of the ships are decked out with different amenities and possess unique attributes. The variety gives you the chance to see why Star Citizen has received so much attention since it was originally teased back in 2011.

The trial period also is great if you’ve wanted to see what Cloud Imperium Games has done to this multiplayer space trading and combat game. For starters, players now have the ability to go mining in cave systems. This activity seems perfect if you’re looking to find rare collectibles and resources that might give you the edge in space combat.

There is also now a ship rental system. For a small price, you can take a ship out for a test-drive for an extended period of time. It seems like a beneficial system that will save you from making a wrong investment. If you don’t like a particular ship’s mechanics or it lacks the necessary power you’re looking for, you can simply take it back.

Finally, the developers are making this game cheaper for those who want to get the game for real. It’s not out yet officially, but interested gamers can pledge a $40 support. It’s perfect if you want access to all of this game’s ships, features, and unlimited possibilities.

So far, people seem to like what Star Citizen is offering. There is a lot of content to get wrapped up in, from customizing ships to waging intergalactic war with other factions. Hopefully, the developers can receive enough backing to get this game published legitimately.

It has a lot of buzz. Now, it just needs to clear a couple of more hurdles and receive some more funding. Star Citizen certainly is showing a lot of promise, though.