Dying Light Begins Their Christmas Event, With Crane Playing Santa For The Children

Dying Light Begins Their Christmas Event, With Crane Playing Santa For The Children
Credit: IGN via YouTube

It’s arguably best for everyone if one doesn’t look at Dying Light’s consistent community events as part of the lore; it gets messy if you do.  Hot off the most recent Dying Light community event that saw Dying Light team up with Chivalry to bring you the opportunity of removing many, many heads of the undead, comes the newest Christmas event.

This event sees Crane playing the makeshift Santa, picking up gifts wherever he can find them.  Airdropped supplies, Rias’ supply areas, quarantine zones; you name it, the gifts could very well be there.  Crane needs to scour Harran for these gifts, and bring them to the quartermaster for doling out appropriately to the good children of zombie land.

Bolters are also attempting to steal the presents, for whatever nefarious purposes, so Crane may need to chase these fast parkour-acrobats to receive even more packages.  They’re fast, and difficult to catch if you’re not expecting the game of tag.

There’s a third element to the Christmas event as well, coming in the form of goblin zombies.  They’re small and fast, but dropping the undead little people will let Crane pick up short buffs that can drastically power up our hero.  You can chomp the buff immediately, or save them to make the specific blueprint you receive for completing the personal challenge; Grandma’s Eggnog, a craftable that offers a considerable boost to speed, armor, and stamina.

If you’re dedicated enough, you can also receive a new weapon that’s appropriately called a snowball; a throwable that can freeze most enemies in place.  You’ll also pick up Santa’s Helper outfit that you can change into at any safe house.

It would be a bit one-sided to offer to new enemies of various means, without gives old Crane a boost up.  This event brings the grappling hook to Dying Light, letting Crane zip around even easier than he has before.  Appropriate usage helps mitigate the insane speed that Bolters have the moment they see Crane, and predicting their path prior to use is a tremendous benefit to the player that will lessen the time you spend chasing them around Harran.

Hopefully, the grappling hook stays around after the Christmas event, as it’s a blast to use; developers Techland offers nothing in the patch notes that suggest it will.

If the community challenge is completed during this event, all players that participated will receive the candy cane weapon, perfect for fragging the undead while maintaining that holiday spirit.