Dungeon Crawling RPG Drake N Trap Now Available On Mobile

Dungeon Crawling RPG Drake N Trap Now Available On Mobile
Credit: Drake n Trap via Facebook

Mobiris has released its strategy game Drake n Trap on iOS and Android devices. The dungeon puzzle game has players summoning units and avoid traps to defeat a powerful boss. Along with the game’s release was a trailer showcasing some of the characters plus the gameplay.

The game allows players to control various character classes to strategize and travel throughout each dungeon.

There’s not much information about the game’s story available but the main focus will be on the challenging gameplay. The primary goal is to strategize with various characters and survive the traps and enemies on each stage. Players focus on breaking through traps, exploring dungeons, and combat. Traps not only hurt the players but also the enemies as they can be lured into them. Players can decide how they want to navigate through each level to lead their team to victory.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward, but there is strategy involved. Players tap and drag the screen to move the lead character. There are two buttons “Come On” or “Attack” to move various units. The stage must be cleared within a certain time limit. The goal is to reach the top floor, but there are over 500 stages to complete first.

The characters include Warrior, Archer, Magician, and Drake. The Drake class has unique skills like creating explosions, healing, and invincibility. Players have to create the best teams and utilize their skills to complete each stage.

Each stage also has hidden treasures to uncover that may aid players as they try to make it through the stage. Players will have to defeat enemies quickly but also claim any hidden loot.

Like many mobile games, Drake n Trap is free-to-play but contains some in-app ads. There are in-app purchased for gems at different levels. Players should reserve gems they earn, or else they’ll have to pay for more. In-app purchases aren’t necessary to win the game, but some may want the added bonus of buying more gems for bonuses.

Drake n Trap isn’t an all-ages game and does contain some mild violence. The game is available for a variety of languages, including English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese. Mobiris has made some updates since the game was released, such as bug fixes.

Mobiris has released several mobile games for iOS and Android. Their titles include STRIKERS 1945 Classic, Zombie Defense King, and Guardian Knights. Most of their games are free on both iOS and Android but have in-app purchases and ads.

Drake n Trap is available on iOS and Android now.