Dream Match Tennis VR For The PSVR Shows Off Its Online Multiplayer Mode; Takes Tennis Gaming To The Next Level

Dream Match Tennis VR For The PSVR Shows Off Its Online Multiplayer Mode; Takes Tennis Gaming To The Next Level
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Tennis seems to be one of the more popular sports in video games, aside from football and soccer. It’s a sport played on a global scale and there are constantly tournaments going on throughout the year. We’ve seen a lot of great tennis games have success, including Mario Tennis and the Top Spin series. However, one segment of tennis gaming that has been noticeably absent is VR.

Well, that certainly changed when Dream Match Tennis VR came out. Bimboosoft is the developing team behind this unique project. They did a fantastic job at capturing the real-life controls of tennis with VR technology. The game is extremely immersive. You feel like you’re an actual tennis pro, who’s ready to compete against the best competition in the world.

Seeing the racket in VR respond to your actual movements is quite a surreal experience. The racket actually goes where your hands go, much like what you expect in real life. The slightest error in movement will send the tennis ball in the wrong direction. There is thus a little bit of a learning curve at first. It’s fun to master the controls, though.

Like real tennis, balance and angles are key in how your shot comes across the net. It’s like the most advanced form of Pong you could ever experience. It’s quite amazing to see where gaming technology has taken us.

One aspect of this game that has been missing since launch is online multiplayer. That’s about to change. The developers are bringing it to the game in an upcoming update, which was confirmed in an announcement trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It shows a user playing against another user online. They’re both thick in the action, getting a pretty nice rally going for a couple of seconds.

It seems like this online experience will be pretty fast-paced. You’ll thus want to master the controls before you venture off playing opponents of varying skill levels online. Seeing the different volleys, spikes, and top spins all look amazing in an online format. The mode should up the stakes, especially if you’re squaring off with a heated rival.

This new mode certainly will add to the incredible tennis experience that this title provides. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more realistic tennis experience, in fact. If you have a PSVR or another compatible VR headset, this online mode is just another reason to add it to your collection.