Dream A Little Dream With Incredible Mandy, Out On Switch Early November

Dream A Little Dream With Incredible Mandy, Out On Switch Early November
Credit: Dotoyou Games

Dreams and adventure go hand-in-hand, especially so in upcoming Switch title Incredible Mandy.

Mixing puzzle, battle, and stunning scenery, embark on a mystical, introspective journey involving two siblings, memories, and an ocean of dreams.

Within the world of Incredible Mandy, players will have to navigate the dreams of a brother and sister duo following a tragic accident. With their memories of each other gone, you have to navigate a lush, wondrous dream world, all while taking on titanic bosses and piecing together forgotten memories.

While the gameplay is familiar to anyone who’s dipped their toes in a dungeon crawler, much of the meat of Incredible Mandy lies in its story. The narrative can switch up styles alarmingly quick, but each cutscene is a feast for the eyes as you try to unravel the tale of these siblings. Using the sword of light, Excalibur, in your hand, heed the guidance of a mysterious girl in white as you trek through mountains, seashores, and dungeons galore.

Although there is much to do in the game, there is a strange caveat that might sound familiar to players of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Owing to the design of the game’s enormous world, you have a great deal of agency where you’d like to go, which is a blessing and a curse, depending on your hunger for context and who you ask. You’re more than able to breeze through some areas with no trouble or impedance, but in doing so, you miss out on a lot of the story. It all boils down to what you want more of in-game, action or narrative, but who’s to say you can’t have both? And it makes for a richer experience overall.

In Incredible Mandy, you’re navigating more than a series of environmental puzzles or dungeons, you’re exploring the mind of two lost souls, and it’s up to you to put them back together, in more ways than one. Sure to be an unforgettable journey and a rich story as inspiring as it is heartfelt, Incredible Mandy hits the Nintendo Switch library November 7th, 2019.