Draugen Is Beautiful, Yet It Is Haunting – It Will Be Out This May And Its 4K Trailer Has A Nostalgic Feel

Draugen Is Beautiful, Yet It Is Haunting – It Will Be Out This May And Its 4K Trailer Has A Nostalgic Feel
Credit: Red Thread Games

Draugen has a fresh trailer and fans will be motivated to explore the tranquil Norwegian fjord, which has a menacing secret, and everyone might already know it by now.

Ragnar Tornquist wrote the game, and the people responsible for the successful Dreamfall Chapters, The Secret World, and The Longest Journey design it. It has a good narrative and fans are lucky because the trailer didn’t give everything away, so there’s still a time to imagine.

It is a psychological mystery title in a first-person perspective, and this point of view is the most horrifying at most times because fans are closer to what the protagonist or even an antagonist is experiencing. The milieu of the game in 1920s Norway.

It is 1923 and fans will take the role of Edward Charles Harden who’s an American who travels to Norway to search for his sister. There is tension in playing it but to know that they’re not alone could comfort gamers.

There’s Lissie who is the ward of Edward. She is an enigmatic, independent, and gregarious young woman. With the help of Lissie, gamers would explore the beautiful coastal community, which rests amongst the rural Norway mountains and fjords. Players should prepare themselves because they’ll discover a kind of darkness that’s lurking behind the country’s scenic surface as they hunt for the sister of Edward.

Some of the game’s major features are players can interact with Lissie via a dynamic and realistic dialogue system. They’ll feel a horrifying narrative through what an unreliable narrator sees.

Gamers will discover their own path via a picturesque scenario that amends as the weather and mental state of Edward changes.

There’s also a storyline about what really happened, and it’s exciting because there are a lot of turns and twists in the story. Exploring coastal Norway in the 1920s is thrilling yet fun.

The game has additional features such as the original musical score of the game is beautiful, and Simon Poole composed it. Poole is the musician behind Dreamfall Chapters, The Park, and The Secret World. The game is in English, and there are motion-captured characters.

Draugen can be played in PC this May. Sooner this year, it can also be played in Xbox One and PS4. Red Thread Games developed the game, and it is based in Oslo, Norway.

The game’s announcement trailer is a much watch because it can be played in 4K. The color rendition of the game is somewhat melancholic because it has a retro feel, and its score is nostalgic. Norway has a beautiful and sad presence, and it can be felt on the trailer.

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