Dr. Mario World Mobile Is Finally On Android And Ios! Is Nintendo’s Flagship Title Worth All The Hype?

Dr. Mario World Mobile Is Finally On Android And Ios! Is Nintendo’s Flagship Title Worth All The Hype?
Credit: Nintendo Mobile via YouTube

Dr. Mario World Mobile is released early on both Google Play and Apple Store. That’s a full day earlier than the scheduled release date for July 10.

The game was billed as Nintendo’s most anticipated mobile game anchored on perhaps its most popular title. The question is, does it live up to the hype?

Dr. Mario World Mobile is a free-to-play game. You can download the tile on your Android or iOS devices now and get right to playing. There are two modes–multiplayer and single-player story.

In the multiplayer, you connect with your friends and challenge them to an online match. The object is still to kill the viruses and the more you kill, and your attack meter goes up. When the meter is full, you can launch projectiles at your opponent. That also means you can transfer viruses to the opponent’s board.

Each character has its own attack power, which will be crucial to determine how many viruses you can launch at your opponent.
It’s also worth mentioning that transferring viruses to another board pauses the game for a moment. You end up with a wrongly positioned pill by the time the board readjusts to accommodate all the new viruses.

Experience also counts a lot. Regardless of the Trophy Score of the opponent, if they’ve been playing for a while and you’re not, expect to get beaten often. Hopefully, there will come a time when your level matches theirs.

In the story mode, you will try to clear the board of viruses. But it’s not like a Tetris where you match the color to clear a line or two. You have a limited number of moves, so you have to be strategic about it. The limited number means you only have a few pills at your disposal, so don’t be trigger happy, especially in the later stages when the puzzles get a little more complicated.
When you play Dr. Mario World, you will have to go through the 20-stage tutorial. You have to go through all the steps, and there’s no way around this.

Here’s a quick tutorial of how Dr. Mario World is played on your Android or iOS device.

Of course, there are in-app purchases that will make the game easier. There are power-ups available and other goodies that will help you complete a level with no problem.

Fortunately, Nintendo didn’t carry over the in-app purchases to the multiplayer mode, so the matches are pretty much even.