Door Knocker Is A Unique Game Involving Crazy Door Physics, Is Now Available For Free

Door Knocker Is A Unique Game Involving Crazy Door Physics, Is Now Available For Free
Credit: Something We Made via YouTube

Doors are a pretty common part of every day life. You open them up when you leave the house and close them in subsequent fashion. Well, the creator NikiMikk has decided to flip the script and bring all sorts of insane mechanics to doors. The game in discussion is Door Knocker. Yes, it involves doors and they can be used in surreal fashion.

The premise behind Door Knocker is as follows. You can pick up a door and fling it on the wall. This will give you access to the next room. As you’re exploring through the various rooms, some sort of secret agents will be firing at you with guns. There are also turrets, which are looking to take you down for good. The only defense you’ll have in this game is a door.

You can use it to block enemy fire and even fling it at enemies with a perfectly timed swipe. Never have we seen doors used in this fashion before. It’s a pretty jarring experience at first, which can be attributed to the game’s fun mechanics. They’re not perfect by any means. Sometimes your door throws don’t end up working out as you hoped. That’s part of the appeal of Door Knocker, though. You can to go through a trial and error process to find the perfect door-throwing mechanics.

A trailer is currently available that shows off the zany physics. Right away, the game seems like a blast. We see the user kick down a door an immediately use it as a shield. It then is flung across the stage at multiple enemies in rapid fashion. The action is pretty fast-paced and will certainly get your heart beating.

The further you progress in the game, the more difficult the combat gets. There will be points when the room is surrounded by suited agents and turrets. You’ll have to use the door wisely as a shield, timing enemy fire until the perfect opening presents itself. When it does, that’s when the fun and hilarity ensue. Seeing doors flung at enemies and then having their bodies fly across the stage is such a unique visual. It almost seems like you’re inside some child’s dream, where you’re not bound by the rules of gravity.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on Door Knocker, you can head to the platform. Here, it’s currently free. It’s certainly an interesting game worth checking out.