Doom Eternal Releases On The Nintendo Switch On December 8th, Bethesda Announces

Doom Eternal Releases On The Nintendo Switch On December 8th, Bethesda Announces
Credit: Bethesda Softworks UK via YouTube

Doom Eternal is the follow-up title to Doom (2016) from iD Software. The developer doubled down on the non-stop action, metal music, and monstrous demons terrifying Earth.

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Since launch, it has been available on a couple of platforms, including the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. And in just one week’s time, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch. Both Nintendo and Bethesda confirmed this launch date in a recent trailer that debuted on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

The game already has a lot of selling points, but mobile play does have a lot of appeal. Nintendo Switch players will be able to take the iconic Doom Slayer on the go, battling demons in frenetic fashion using the Switch’s mobile screen and Joy Con controllers.

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That has a lot of Switch gamers excited. It’s also interesting to see a pretty intense game with mature themes end up on the often-considered family-friendly hybrid console. It doesn’t happen often as Nintendo tries to add titles that are geared more towards fun and interacting with others.

It’s a good strategy though for Nintendo, as they try to keep the Switch in the spotlight as best they can with next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft finally being out.

Don’t be surprised to see more mature games come to this hybrid console, which even in 2020, still continues to sell well. In fact, during this pandemic, it became pretty difficult to find a Switch online and at brick and mortar retailers.

Even though these are pretty dark times, gaming has been on the rise and for many — the Switch has been the perfect way to take these experiences on the go. It will be interesting to see how Doom Eternal does on the platform at launch.

The campaign alone is an incredible time that’s worth checking out, regardless of system. The Doom Slayer is pitted against some pretty difficulty odds, but with new weapons and a bevy of resources, he’s perfectly capable of becoming Earth’s last hope of salvation.

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If you have a Switch and have been a long-time Doom fan, then look for Doom Eternal on December 8th. Think of it as an early Christmas present. And if you’re still on the fence, think about all of the demon-slaying that can be had wherever life takes you. Whether you’re on vacation or on a short break for lunch, Doom Eternal on the Switch seems like the perfect way to spend some free time.