Don’t Forget To Fill Out Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors Survey To Help The Future Development Of The Series

Don’t Forget To Fill Out Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors Survey To Help The Future Development Of The Series
Credit: Koei Tecmo via Twitter

Koei Tecmo is seeking feedback from players regarding the future of the Dynasty Warriors series. The series will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary, so Koei Tecmo is looking for what fans are hoping for in the future.

The survey is available in English and is open for players who have experienced the series. There are around 22 questions and will take around 10 minutes to complete.

The survey questions range from basic geographic information, which devices players own, and if players plan on purchasing a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in the future. Koei Tecmo also wants to know if players use or plan on using a cloud game service like PlayStation Now or Google Stadia in the future. These specific questions may help Koei Tecmo decide on which platforms to release new games on in the future.

The next round of questions are more specific to the series. Players will have to select every Dynasty Warriors game they’ve ever played. The English survey starts with Dynasty Warriors 2, which the sequel to Dynasty Warriors and changed the gameplay significantly. From these choices, players can choose their favorite games from the series.

Koei Tecmo then asks what players like most from the series, from the characters, the storylines, and even collaborations with musicians.

The company also asks about bonuses for the game, including what kind of DLC players would want to see next. They ask about what players would want to see in a “Deluxe Version” or the game, which may mean that more collectible items are coming soon. Koei Tecmo offers many limited items in Japan for the game, but rarely are these goods available for players outside the country.

The survey then takes a turn and asks if players follow the company on social media. If so, they want to know which accounts they follow. The company has social media accounts that are specific to each region. Some have unique hashtags they use to bring their players together and even official Discord servers.

The last few questions ask if players will continue to play the series and their reasons why. Koei Tecmo is especially interested in players who may state they’re “Tired of the Dynasty Warriors series” and can explain why in 300 characters or less.

Those who fill out the survey until the end will receive a bonus wallpaper. The responses will help Koei Tecmo in the future development of the series. It’s unknown if the responses will be posted publicly.

The “Dynasty Warriors Series Survey” ends on July 26.