Doki Doki Literature Club Looks Like It Will Be Receiving Some Content This Year

Doki Doki Literature Club Looks Like It Will Be Receiving Some Content This Year
Credit: Team Salvato via YouTube

Fans of the…unexpected twists and turns of Doki Doki Literature Club may have something to celebrate, as the developer has taken to Twitter announcing his desire to bring new content to the beloved visual novel in 2020.  He specifically states that the content is not a sequel, but does not further clarify as to what fans could expect for the free-to-play title that became a surprising hit for many on Steam.

Doki Doki Literature Club has an adorable art style that is easily compared to many other visual novels, and many have walked into the title expecting an equally cute storyline.  Perhaps the biggest reason that DDLC has become such a massive hit is that it surprises users with a story that turns dark quickly, leaving many surprised with the depth of horrors that the visual novel offers.  To state it plainly, Doki Doki Literature Club has very dark elements and is in no way suitable for children and adults that are easily disturbed.

The Steam platform has specific tags that does alert players as to what they could possibly expect, namely with the two tags ‘Psychological Horror’ and ‘Horror; still, the title has caught many users off-guard while experiencing unrivaled success within the visual novel platform.  The title currently holds 121,776 reviews on Steam, with 96% being positive.  Meaning roughly 116,905 users would absolutely recommend the depravity to be experienced to others.

For reference, the second most highly rated visual novel on Steam is Angels With Scaly Wings, with 916 reviews and 98% recommendation.  Doki Doki Literature Club became such a hit that even the Fan Club Pack, that costs $10, has a 99% positive rating with 1,422 reviews total.

Granted, it’s the only way for fans to actually throw the developer a bone for crafting such a cult-classic.  The Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack doesn’t contain anything that special, either: the soundtrack, wallpapers, and digital concept art book for people to peruse.

The question to ponder is what this content will actually look like when it releases; whether it will expand the story where it left off from the base game, which is unlikely due to how the characters ultimately end up, or will be more along the lines of the Fan Pack where they are more digital assets for fans to toss a coin to their developer.

Dan Salvato also mentions that he’s going to begin progressing on his next visual novel as well, which has been on hold for two years.

There’s likely already a digital queue of fans that are ready to experience a whole load of sick twists and turns for his next novel, and if it’s half as good as DDLC fans are sure to be pleased.