Developers At Teamfight Tactics Did A Short AMA On Their Recent Spectate Mode And The Auto-battler System

Developers At Teamfight Tactics Did A Short AMA On Their Recent Spectate Mode And The Auto-battler System
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Riot Games’ new child, Teamfight Tactics, is now on its second phase with a host of new champions, new items, and groups evolving. Also, today, fans had the chance to get real facts from the development team. The developers of TFT hosted a one-hour AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit today, allowing fans the opportunity to ask their desperate questions.

The Rioters opened up as they discussed a multitude of topics, including the fate of the fan-requested Spectate mode and how the upcoming items would fit into the auto-battler.

Teamfight Tactics senior game designer James Statikk Bach conveyed the future spectate of spectate mode, saying how arid and bleak it looks. He added: ‘We definitely want this too, but it just happens that it’s a very tough technical problem, so we’ll need to see what the possibilities the future holds. Still, don’t expect it anytime soon.’

What’s this buzz about Spectate Mode?
The purpose of Spectate mode is that it allows players to boost their friend’s morale by cheering them or scorning their poor decision making. However, this feature is already present in Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends, despite that, some fans were pleading while others were ridiculing for Speculate, and developers find out that technical issues make it challenging to develop. Well, they sure haven’t ruled it out, it likely isn’t hitting server anytime soon.

One other senior game designer working on Riot’s auto-battler, Jordan Wrekz Anton, hinted on how the upcoming system would be operated moving forward. Here’s what he said: ‘In terms of how the item system works now, we will still make changes by adding/removing or revamping as opposed to just editing. Since it’s obvious, we wouldn’t want to make a ton of recipes.’

Also, the initial adding of Sparing gloves at the close of TFT’s set One made over ten new items. It had original recipes for making each one of them. This update affected the item pool and readjusted the meta several times since Iceborn Gauntlet was made weak and continues to be so. Also, the introduction of the Giant Slayer had range carries like, Ashe and Jinx, forsake their options for the overpowered new addition.

Exactly, what TFT developers are looking to forward in Set Two, it’s evident that the items would be removed entirely for new characters. Although, Rise of the Elements boasts over 35 things, half of which are considered far better than the rest. Be on the lookout as Rise of the Elements hit live servers, so fans should be expecting a return of Ranked mode within the next following weeks.